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    Blackhead remover - Green

    • Comendons pulls
    • Black dot extractor
    • Double tip
    • Stainless steel
    • Soft touch finish

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    The professional blacks comet pull Plic beauty: the beauty ally

    Used in dermatology and aesthetics, blackness pull helps unclog the pores of the skin when they are cluttered with excess sebum.

    It makes it possible to remove open comedons (blackheads) easily and quickly, in a more hygienic way. Thecomedons extractor removes the risk of infection associated with manual extraction (with fingers and nails).

    The comedon remover consists of a handle terminated by two small cups pierced with an orifice: a thin loop and a flat loop.

    These two tips make it possible to eliminate imperfections of all sizes and reach narrow areas of the face with ease.

    Made of stainless steel, this pharmacy comedons pull is guaranteed for 25 years.

    Directions for use

    The advice PLIC to put an end to the blackheads!

    Step 1: We prepare the ground with a "facial sauna"!

    1. A pot of water is brought to a boil.
    2. Hot water is poured into a bowl. You place your face over it with a towel to cover your head for 10 minutes. The steam will dilate the pores of the skin and allow a better extraction of blackheads.

    Step 2: We eradicate blackheads!

    1. Using thepimple extractor,apply pressure to the skin around the black spot or white spot. This will dislodge it and then empty its contents. Use the tip adapted to the size of the imperfection.
    2. Press gently and carefully so as not to mark the skin, exerting gentle but firm pressure on the skin.
    3. Do not forget to disinfect the comedons pull before and after each use

    Composition & Specifications

    • Material: Stainless steel pharmacy blackness tire
    • Warranty: 25 years
    • Soft Touch Quality
    • Double tip: Small buckle: 10 mm. Large buckle: 16 mm
    • Color: green
    • Dimensions: 14 cm

    Stainless steel

    Stainless steel

    Remove practical comendons

    Remove practical comendons

    Black dot extractor

    Black dot extractor

    Double tip

    Double tip

    Easy to use

    Easy to use

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