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In addition to being annoying, loud noises can impair hearing and cause health problems. In order to avoid hearing trauma and cope with noisy environments, it is necessary to choose a good hearing protection. Discover our earplugs with filter and without filter for guaranteed hearing comfort.

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Our hearing protection with filter:

Our earplug with double filter is composed of 2+1 thermoplastic corollas. The first two corollas have been designed to fit perfectly into your ear canal. The third corolla will line the bottom of your pavilion to ensure perfect stability of the hearing protection. Our earplugs are equipped with a double filter to stop the surrounding noises too important, while letting the sounds pass (alarm type or mobile phone). You will have the choice between several caps to filter the noise that bothers you (snoring, music noises, engine noises ...). The double filter and the 2+1 corollas bring you unparalleled safety and maximum comfort. They relieve you but do not isolate you.

Here are the different types of filter we offer:

  • Special sleep hearing protection: Specially designed to allow restful sleep, the noise-cancelling plug for sleeping reduces external noise and snoring. Thanks to its filter the earplug for sleeping will allow you to hear the calls and the sound of your alarm clock.
  • Special DIY hearing protection: this hearing protection for handyman allows manual work while protecting selves from excessive noise. Thanks to its filter, the protective cap will allow you to hear alarms or calls.
  • Special swimming hearing protection: the pool earplug from Horizane effectively protects against noise and water. For the sea, or for the pool, it will fit perfectly to your ear.
  • Special travel hearing protection: it will allow you to reduce the noise pollution of the train, bus or metro. You will still be able to hear calls and warnings thanks to its double filter.
  • Special child hearing protection: the child ear plug from Horizane has been specially designed for children's small ducts. It will protect their ears from the surrounding noise. It is also ideal for going to the pool or the sea.
  • Special small duct hearing protection: specifically designed for adults with a narrow ear canal. This earplug brings a significant decrease in all noises and brings maximum comfort.

Our unfiltered hearing protection:

Here you will find foam earplugs, silicone earplugs and earplugs specifically designed for air travel.

  • Our foam hearing protection: Foam earplugs are the most widely used on the market. They are easily found in pharmacies or on the Internet. Conical in shape, the foam plug crashes between the thumb and index finger before being placed in the ear canal. In a few seconds it will return to its original shape and thus cover the shape of your ear canal. This 37 dB noise-cancelling ear plug will offer you a significant and immediate noise reduction. We advise you to use the foam caps for work or sleep.
  • Our silicone hearing protection: The silicone earplug from Horizane is pre-shaped to reduce noise by 27 dB. As an alternative to the foam noise cap, the silicone earplug has been designed to adapt to all morphologies. Easy to use, this hearing protection is placed in the pinna of the ear, at the entrance of the ear canal. It will totally take the shape of the ear by not providing any feeling of pressure.
  • Our aircraft hearing protection: The aircraft earplug from Horizane is ideal for people flying. It protects noises and different pressures to avoid ear pain on an airplane. It protects sensitive ears and prevents earache caused by air travel.

How to choose your hearing protection?

Hearing protection should be chosen according to its use. If you want to evenly reduce the surrounding and loud noises, choose a cap without a filter. On the other hand, if you want to attenuate a specific noise while being able to hear a discussion or alarm, opt for filter caps.

Just like our ears, our eyes also need to be protected. Discover our glasses for adults and children!

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