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To have beautiful hair, there is no secret, you have to take care of it. Do you dream of having hair bursting with beauty? Nature & Scents with the care oil you need!

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Hair care and hygiene are fundamental to maintain healthy hair, for this, we have developed natural care oils that meet each type of hair. Whether colored, oily, long, or dry, your hair must be pampered with appropriate care.

Our organic skincare oils for hair and body:

Made in France, especially in Provence, our 2-in-1 care oils will allow you to nourish, protect and beautify your hair and skin. Discover on our website our 100% natural vegetable care oils selected for their known and recognized effectiveness. Choose your hair care oil according to the expected results:

  • Argan and avocado beauty oil for hair and body: Rich in essential fatty acids and tocopherol, this hair and body oil is known to be super nourishing. It is ideal for dry skin and hair.
  • Beauty oil for hair and body with sweet almond and apricot: Rich in essential fatty acid and vitamin, this oil will bring radiance and softness to your hair and skin. It is ideal for delicate skin and dull hair.
  • Beauty oil for hair and body with jojoba and sesame: Rich in essential fatty acids, jojoba and sesame oil is known to be drowsy. It is ideal for taking care of and sublimating hair and skin.

How to use a vegetable oil on your hair?

In order to take care of your hair, it is recommended to adopt a hair routine. For this, wash your hair twice a week with a natural shampoo, then come and apply conditioner or moisturizing mask in your hair. We advise you to use care oil 1 time a week to sublimate your hair. To do this, let 6 drops of skincare oil flow in your hand that you will apply to your scalp. Then spread the rest over your lengths. Leave on at least 1 hour, if possible overnight. Then rinse with shampoo.

Discover also our organic shower shampoos that will allow you to improve your hair routine.

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