Adopted by most women, makeup is part of our beauty routine. Extravagant or natural, colorful or nude, evening or everyday makeup, discover here our makeup to sublimate your face.

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Our professional makeup will help you highlight your assets while expressing your personality. It will allow you to express your personality and thus gain confidence in yourself. To accentuate the beauty of your face, the French cosmetics brand COPINES'Line competes with ingenuity. It offers organic makeup adapted to your needs.

Make your eyes stand out:

Amaze those around you in a beat of eyelashes with our eye makeup. You will find:

Organic eye pencils:

Intensify your gaze with our organic pencil. Its firm and ultra slippery mine offers a precise layout. Enriched with castor oil and shea butter, the pencil combines softness and respect for the eyelid. Easy to apply, the organic eye pencil is ideal for making up the inside and contour of the mucosa. Available in six shades, you will inevitably find the pencil for the eyes that you will like!

Organic eye shadows

Multi functional, the organic eyelid pencil can be applied in shadow or liner. Its soft and creamy texture makes it easy to use and gradient for a color-rich result. Thanks to its formula rich in active ingredients of plant origin, this eyeshadow is ideal for sensitive eyes. These six ultra-pigmented shades allow you to deepen your look.


It is now a must in the makeup bag. Mascara will allow you to lengthen your eyelashes and thus sublimate your look.

Make your mouth stand out:

Sublimate your lips in all circumstances with our makeup for the mouth:

Organic lip contour pencil:

Draw the outline of your lips with this pencil. Thanks to its firm and ultra slippery face you can easily highlight your mouth. Its 100% natural skincare formula rich in active ingredients nourishes, protects and repairs your mouth.

Organic lipstick:

A lipstick pencil specially designed to color and sublimate your mouth. The soft and creamy texture of this lipstick pencil will make the application enjoyable. Its 100% natural formula helps nourish, protect and repair your lips.

Makeup goes hand in hand with good makeup removal. That's why we have developed ultra-effective solutions to remove makeup:

  • Organic micellar water to gently eliminate all traces of makeup.
  • Reusable cotton pads to gently clean your face.
  • Makeup remover gloves to use with water, for a zero waste solution.

The beauty of a woman does not stop at her face. For this, we decided to accompany them to sublimate their nails. You will find:

  • Nail polish to give shine to your hands
  • A hardener to prevent your nail from breaking
  • A top coat to make your nails shine with a thousand lights
  • A bitter varnish to avoid biting your nails
  • A silicon bamboo base to fortify and not damage your nails before applying the varnish.

Reusable Makeup Remover...
Reusable Makeup Remover...

Crayon yeux bio Taupe glacé

Crayon yeux bio Taupe glacé

Organic eye pencil - coffee

Organic eye pencil - Fern

Organic eye pencil - Steel...

Organic eye pencil - Carbon...

Organic eyeshadow

Organic eyeshadow -...

Organic eyeshadow - Iced...

Organic eyeshadow - Espresso

Organic eyeshadow - Black 2

Fard à paupières bio Duo

Organic lip pencil

Organic lip pencil - Rouge

Organic lip pencil - Nude 3

Organic lip pencil -...

Organic lipstick

Organic lipstick - Nude

Organic lipstick - Neutral

Organic lipstick - Beige 2

Organic lipstick - Raspberry

Organic lipstick - Cherry