Cuddly hot water bottles

Reduce pain and relieve your child's anxiety attacks with the Plic Care soft water bottle. Our cuddle heated plush will accompany baby for many years.

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Comforting and pleasant to look at, she will quickly become his best ally. Our hot water bottles for babies and children take the form of animals as pleasant as they are cute. Bambie hot water bottle, elephant hot water bottle, bear hot water bottle, sheep hot water bottle, panda hot water bottle, llama hot water bottle... You will find a wide selection of heated plush toys to bring a little warmth and comfort.

The doudou bouillotte is a childcare accessory par excellence. It can also be an original birth gift idea. The animal hot water bottle can act as a plush, cuddly toy, but also relieve an infant in various situations. Our dry hot water bottles are filled with silicone beads or ceramic beads. They are removable and washable in a washing machine. Fun and funny, our waterless hot water bottles provide heat for 2 hours and have many benefits. For safety reasons, our plush hot water bottles cannot be used by children under 3 years old.

Why use a baby hot water bottle?

To improve his well-being and reassure him, it is advisable to use a doudou hot water bottle. Our microwave hot water bottles allow:

  • To relieve the colic of an infant: come and place the hot water bottle on his belly. It will come to provide warmth, and thus relax his intestinal muscles while calming baby. It is a natural solution to stop colic and relieve crying.
  • Help baby sleep: Place a hot water bottle next to him before he falls asleep. This will make it easier for your child to relax and sleep. The comforting heat will promote his falling asleep.
  • Warm up in winter: at home, or on a walk, the hot water bottle will help your child regulate his temperature.
  • Refresh in summer: the hot water bottle will bring freshness to your child during hot days.
  • Relieve bruises and bumps: Place the hot water bottle on baby's wounds to relieve it.

How to use a dry hot water bottle?

Dry hot water bottle can be used hot or cold.

To heat it, you will only have to place the bag of pearls (without the plush) in the microwave for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Check that the hot water bottle is not too hot before giving it to your child. We advise you to wait until the child hot water bottle has returned to room temperature before reheating it again. To use it cold, you can place the plush in a freezer for 2 to 3 hours.

How to wash a plush hot water bottle?

The microwave hot water bottle plush is removable and takes place in the washing machine at 30 ° C.

Our hot water bottles are also available in pharmacies. Discover our hot water bottles for adults to share a moment of relaxation with the family!

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