Hygiene accessories

For our health, skin and well-being, it is advisable to use hygiene accessories. These toiletries will help you take care of your epidermis. Cleanse, moisturize and take care of your skin and your skin!.

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In this category you will find a large number of hygiene accessories. These shower accessories will allow you to properly ensure your hygiene:

Our hygiene and body care accessories:

Kojac sponges to gently cleanse your face and body. Extremely soft, our 100% natural and vegetable Konjac sponge will cleanse and exfoliate your skin. This Konjac sponge can be used daily and has many benefits for your skin. This hygiene accessory is suitable for all skin types.

Shower sponges. We offer super fun washing sponges. Our playful bath sponges are ideal for cleansing or exfoliating your skin.

A pair of care scissors: This is an essential to have in your pharmacy kit. The pair of first aid scissors will allow you to carefully cut bandages, dressings and compresses.

A splinter clip: Easy to use, this splinter clip will help you extract any foreign body.

Our hygiene accessories for the face:

Washable cotton makeup removers: This is an alternative to cotton pads and makeup remover wipes. Washable cotton makeup removers are an economical and ecological solution. Soft, our bamboo fiber cottons are perfect for gently removing makeup from any skin type.

Microfiber makeup remover gloves: Like washable makeup remover cotton, this makeup remover glove is an economical and ecological solution. Practical, the makeup remover glove allows you to remove makeup only with water. You will find two types of gloves, a makeup remover glove for sensitive skin, and a makeup remover glove for combination to oily skin.

Tweezers: Grab even the thickest hair with our tweezers. You will find different tweezers (bit bias tweezers, crab bit tweezers, straight bit claws...). These beauty accessories will allow you to catch your hair even on complicated areas.

An ear cure: Clean your ears without polluting with our ear cure.

A nose hair chisel: Cut your nose hair safely with our rounded tip nose hair scissor.

A comedons puller: Free your pores from all impurities with this professional comendone puller

Our manicure and pedicure accessories

A large number of accessories to take care of your hands and feet. Nail clippers, nail scissors, pliers, nail files, grater for dead skin, corn cutter... Made of stainless steel, our manicure and pedicure accessories are guaranteed for 25 years. To bring a touch of color and care to your nails, discover our organic nail polish!

Our hygiene accessories are also available in some pharmacies.

Menstrual cup
Menstrual cup - L
Medical scissors
Ciseaux ongles lames droites vert
Scissors nails straight...
Ciseaux ongles lames courbes violet
Ciseaux à peaux lames droites rose
Ciseaux à peaux lames courbes bleu
Ciseaux poils du nez
Ciseaux ongles bébé
Lime à ongles cristal de Bohème bleu
Bohemian crystal nail file...
Lime à ongles bébé
Lime à ongles pro
Set de 5 limes bois
Coupe ongles manucure bleu
Nail clipper manicure - Rose
Nail clipper manicure - Navy
Coupe ongles pédicure vert
Nail clipper pedicure - Mallow
Nail clipper pedicure - Navy
Coupe ongles bébé
Tweezers bit bias - Bleu
Tweezers bit bias - Rose