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For his health and well-being, it is important to take care of your child's nails. To accompany parents in this dreadful moment, we have designed manicure and pedicure accessories for baby.

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Easy to use and without any danger, our accessories will delicately cut a child's fragile nails. We have adapted to everyone's habits by offering you the ideal accessory for baby's nails:

  • Baby nail clipper: Made of stainless steel, this baby nail clipper will gently cut your infant's small, fragile nails. He is provided with protection so as not to hurt him.

  • Baby nail files: This baby glass mini-file is ideal for filing the nails of a newborn. Are you afraid of cutting your child's nails? lime can be a solution.

  • Baby scissors: Made of stainless steel, this round-toed baby scissors is perfect for delicate and very small nails.

  • Manicure Kit: Our cute panda or teddy bear manicure set includes a stainless steel scissors round tips, a rounded beak nail clipper, a nail brush and a mini nail file.

When to cut baby's nails?

We advise you to wait until the 1st month of baby to be able to cut his nails. Indeed, if you cut them before, you can damage the nail matrix. However, if your newborn scratches with his nails before his first month, do not hesitate to put cotton mittens. In a child, the nails of the hands grow relatively quickly. At 1 month, you can start cutting your child's nails once a week. On the other hand, the toenails grow less quickly. A monthly cut will then be more than enough.

How to cut a baby's nails?

Sometimes it is difficult to cut the nails of a newborn. Between his sudden movements and his seizures, you are afraid to cut him. For added safety, we advise you to hold your child's hand in your palm. Then take the tip of his finger between your thumb and fore index finger. You can finally come and gently cut his nail.

If your child moves too much, and you can't do it, try cutting him off while he sleeps. Be careful not to cut it too short to avoid any risk of infection. Once you have finished cutting his nails, it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect the accessories of manicure and pedicure baby.

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