Hearing protection

Whether on the street, at work, or on vacation, noise pollution is everywhere. And it is our ears that are the first victims. In order to avoid all kinds of auditory trauma, it is necessary to choose the right protection.

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The foam earplug:

For an affordable price and more punctual use, we have developed the foam cap. This conical-shaped hearing protection will quickly take its place in your ears. The Standard Noise Reduction of our foam caps is 37dB. This is the maximum level known on the market for this type of cap. It is recommended to use this hearing protection to sleep or to be able to concentrate at work.

How to put a foam earplug?

Simply crush the foam between your shoot and index finger and then place it in your external ear canal. Once inserted into your ear, the plug will return to its original shape.

We advise you to regularly wash the foam cap, which is reusable, with water.

Our silicone hearing protection:

Deal with the noise nuisance that bothers you with the silicone earplug from Horizane. A real alternative to the foam noise cancelling plug, the silicone earplug has been manufactured to adapt to all ear morphologies. Easy to use and maintain, this 27 dB hearing protection is very comfortable for the ears. Washable and reusable, this silicone cap is ideal for reducing any type of noise nuisance.

How to put on a silicone earplug?

Simply place the silicone in your pavilion and modulate it so that it can take the right shape.

Our hearing protection for aircraft:

Relieve your ears during your plane trips with the special plane cap. This will allow you to prevent headaches, sinuses and ears. Strongly recommended by doctors, this cap is reserved for adults. Easy to use and maintain, this hearing protection is 20 dB.

How to put an earplug for aircraft?

All you have to do is insert the plugs into your ears without any special manipulations. We advise you to place them some time before the take-off and landing of the aircraft.

Foam earplugs - 2 pairs
Foam earplugs - 2 pairs - Rose
Foam earplugs - 2 pairs -...
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Hydrated silicone...
Hydrated silicone...
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