Pedicure manicure accessories

Our feet as well as our hands are part of the areas of our body that should not be neglected. These areas are most prone to many conditions. It is important to take care of your nails by using manicure and pedicure accessories dedicated to this purpose.

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Here you will find a wide range of stainless steel manicure and pedicure accessories.

Our professional quality manicure and pedicure accessories:

Taking care of our nails is a real challenge. Our hands and feet are solicited all day and are in direct contact with many products (limestone, household products, water ...) making our nails and skin ever more fragile. Here you will find manicure and pedicure accessories for:

Trim your nails: Poorly trimted nails can lead to pain and medical consequences. In order to avoid this, we have made you nail clippers, scissors for nails, and clips for strong and resistant nails.

File your nails: Accessories to have in your bag the nail file will allow you to recover a snag or shorten your nail gently. You will have the choice between different files: the bohemian crystal file, the medium grain American lime, and the medium grain wood file.

Cut and file your skin: Our skin cutting scissors are perfectly adapted to eliminate small skin around the nail. For the harder skin that appears under our feet, opt for the corn cutter, the skin pruning clip, the stainless steel or ceramic grater for the feet to get rid of it.

Cuticle regrowth: to promote a harmonious growth of your nails while protecting them, discover our cuticle regrowth.

Bring color to your nails: to make your nails even more beautiful, discover our nail polishes and treatments.

All stainless steel accessories and bohemian crystal files are guaranteed for 25 years

Why take care of your nails?

The nails are the first line in the face of diseases, shocks or injuries. Taking care of your nails is therefore important for your health, but also for your comfort and well-being. Super fragile, our nails as well as our hair and skin must have a well-adapted routine.

Our nails grow constantly, in order not to get injured and have good hygiene, it is recommended to cut them regularly.

Ciseaux ongles lames droites vert
Scissors nails straight...
Ciseaux ongles lames courbes violet
Ciseaux à peaux lames droites rose
Ciseaux à peaux lames courbes bleu
Ciseaux ongles bébé
Lime à ongles cristal de Bohème bleu
Bohemian crystal nail file...
Lime à ongles bébé
Lime à ongles pro
Set de 5 limes bois
Coupe ongles manucure bleu
Nail clipper manicure - Rose
Nail clipper manicure - Navy
Coupe ongles pédicure vert
Nail clipper pedicure - Mallow
Nail clipper pedicure - Navy
Coupe ongles bébé
Pince sécateur manucure
Pedicure pruning shears
Pince sécateur peaux
Râpe métal bleu/vert
Râpe céramique bleu
Ceramic grater - Vert