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Protect your ears at a concert, festival or party

Festivals, concerts or nightclubs are great fun. However, they can cause permanent damage to your hearing if you are not careful enough. Loud music can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage, but there are ways to protect your hearing when you attend a concert or festival.

All about blood pressure

In France, nearly 1 adult out of 3 suffers from high blood pressure, and half of them are unaware of it¹. It is the most frequent chronic pathology and one of the main factors responsible for cardiovascular diseases and kidney failure. Nearly 12 million patients were treated in France in 2017²) According to the World Health Organization, 62% of strokes worldwide are attributed to high blood pressure.

How to prepare your skin for UVs?

Summer is just around the corner, and so is the desire to be exposed to the sun and get a tan. Find out how to properly prepare your skin for the sun while taking as few risks as possible.

Dry itchy eyes, allergies, what to do?

Is it allergy season, do your eyes sting or are they dry? Find out how to recognize and relieve dry eyes.

What is presbyopia?

The benefits of donkey milk on your body

Renowned for its many virtues, donkey milk is very rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Donkey milk can often be found in soaps or creams. Below you will find the benefits of this very beneficial product for the skin.

What is the impact of the sun on our eyes?

Our eyes are extremely fragile, especially those of our children. Discover in this article the consequences of the sun on our eyes and how to best protect them.

How to protect and take care of your ears?

Whether in the street with the noise of cars, in a discotheque with music in the caissons, in the garden with the sound of work at the neighbors' house... our ears are constantly exposed to more or less painful sounds.
Should we worry about noise? What damage can it cause? How can these risks be prevented? Today we take stock of noise pollution.

Winter Beauty Routine

Adopt a winter beauty routine for protected skin all season long! Say goodbye to dehydrated skin and dryness due to the cold and discover the good habits to adopt!

Which hot water bottle to choose ?

Indispensable in winter, the hot water bottle will provide you with warmth and comfort. In addition to warming you up, it brings comfort. The hot water bottle can be used as much hot as cold and allows to fight against all kinds of pains.