Eye comfort

For daily eye comfort, it is essential to effectively protect your eyes and clean your contact lenses well. To accompany you daily, discover our hyaluronic acid solutions for healthy eyes.

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Hydrolarm, the moisturizing eye drops:

Protect, moisturize and relieve disorders related to dry eye problems with our eye lubricant. This solution relieves burning sensations, tingling and redness. Its natural composition based on hyaluronic acid is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. Thanks to its dosing valve bottle, you can easily control the number of drops you want to put in your eyes. Our moisturizing eye drops can be used as often as needed, at any age and for lens wearers.

Vitalens, the multifunction solution for contact lenses:

For your health or visual comfort, it is essential to clean and decontaminate your lenses after each use. Discover our multifunctional solution for contact lenses. It will allow you to clean, rinse, decontaminate, lubricate and moisturize your lenses. Its composition based on hyaluronic acid will allow you to obtain extreme comfort. Our lens care product is suitable for sensitive eyes. When traveling, or at home, you will find different formats to transport your solution wherever you are.

Our eye solutions are also available in pharmacies and do not require a prescription.

How to relieve and prevent dry eye?

To relieve redness, tingling, or tearing in the eyes, it is advisable to opt for an eye moisturizer. On a daily basis, we recommend that you follow a few tips to prevent your eyes from becoming dry:

  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses when there is wind or sun.
  • Make sure that the air conditioning or ventilation is not oriented on your face.
  • Avoid wearing your contact lenses for too long.
  • When exposed to a screen, wear anti-blue light glasses.
  • Do not be exposed to smoke.

Why should I clean my contact lenses with a multifunction lens solution?

Throughout the day, your lenses are invaded by dust, pollution, or bacteria.... In order to avoid all kinds of infections or eye genes, it is recommended to clean your contact lenses daily.

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