Health & Comfort

To accompany you and ensure your comfort and health, we have designed a wide range of products. These care accessories are useful and practical on a daily basis. They will allow you to preserve your health capital. Babies, children, adults or seniors, you will necessarily find what you need.

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Our medical devices:

Here you will find measurement tools to take your temperature and determine if you have a fever or not. To suit everyone, we have developed different thermometers: flexible probe thermometer, infrared thermometer, non-contact thermometer... Practical and extremely efficient, they will allow you to assess your health in a few seconds. When traveling, at home or in the office, discover our small format to bring it everywhere with you!

Pill boxes:

To organize you in the taking of tablets, we have designed pill boxes. We have chosen to accompany you on a daily basis with our daily or semainiers pill boxes. Our pill boxes contain a nice pouch to be transported easily. Thanks to them, you will no longer risk forgetting to take your medication.

Hot water bottles:

Known for its relaxing and calming properties, the hot water bottle can be used hot or cold. If you have targeted pain (neck, lower back, leg or back pain) we advise you to use our hot water bottle. This care hot water bottle will cover the area of pain while relieving you. To bring a little freshness or warmth, opt for a classic hot water bottle. Hot water bottle for baby, water bottle for mom and dad... Here you will find a wide choice of models for the whole family.

Our products for eye comfort:

For your health and eye comfort we have developed solutions for the eyes and for the lenses. Protect, moisturize and relieve your eyes with our moisturizing eye drops. This moisturizing product will prevent tingling or redness burns. Ideal for people with allergies or exposed to screens, it will allow you to relieve your eyes. For people wearing contact lenses, discover our multifunctional maintenance solution. Thanks to it, you will be able to clean, rinse, decontaminate, lubricate and moisturize your lenses.

Our eye solutions are composed of hyaluronic acid and provide extreme comfort. They will be perfect for people with sensitive eyes.

Our products for hearing comfort:

Painful and dangerous, loud noises can impair hearing and cause health problems. In order to avoid any trauma, it is essential to have good hearing protection. You will have the choice between earplugs with filter or without. Our earplugs with filter answer various problems. Special sleep caps, special evening caps, special airplane caps, special DIY caps... you will inevitably find the one you need. We also offer classic foam or silicone caps.

The menstrual cup:

Ideal for absorbing menstrual flow, the protective cup is an alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Flexible and perfectly adapted to the anatomy of the woman, discover our menstrual cup. With it, it's 12 hours of tranquility, 0 leaks and 0 waste!

Infrared Thermometer
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Large screen digital...
Large screen digital...
Large screen digital...
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Adult flexible thermometer...
Flexible Child Thermometer
Flexible Child Thermometer...
Flexible Child Thermometer...
Foam earplugs - 2 pairs
Foam earplugs - 2 pairs - Rose
Foam earplugs - 2 pairs -...
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Hydrated silicone...
Hydrated silicone...
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