Baby perfumes

Just like grown-ups, babies also have the right to smell good. In order to accompany your child in a universe of tenderness, Nature & Senteurs has developed perfumes for baby. Our baby eaux-de-parfum with light and delicate notes will perfume the skin of your newborn with subtlety.

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Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free eau de toilette respects the skin of a newborn and his respiratory tract. Our baby perfumes are formulated with natural ingredients, and are available for little girls, and little boys. Discover our baby perfumes made in France.

When can we perfume a baby?

We advise you to wait for the child's 3 months before starting to perfume him. Indeed, a child is relatively sensitive to his sensory environment before his three months. For this, it is recommended not to rush it by adding new odors. It is therefore necessary to give him time to get used to all the smells that surround him beforehand.

What perfume for baby?

Choose a soft and light fragrance so as not to attack his sensitive sense of smell. Opt for an alcohol-free and hypoallergenic fragrance to preserve the sensitive skin of a newborn.

How to perfume a newborn?

We advise you to spray the perfume 15 centimeters above your child so that it is properly scented. You can also apply a few drops in your hands and then spread them on his hair or in his neck. To create a reassuring environment for your child, do not hesitate to perfume his clothes, bed or stroller. On the other hand, avoid scenting the areas of skin that your child may put in the mouth (hands and wrists).

Discover the baby perfume box, ideal gift for a newborn or a future mother. Our box is composed of a small plush and a nice bottle, enough to delight more than one.

Eau de Bébé Ourson il 50ml

Eau de Bébé Ourson elle 50ml
Mixed Baby Water Bebiou 15ml

Mixed Baby Water Bebiou 50ml