Hearing protection with filter

To cope with noisy environments and avoid hearing trauma, it is necessary to choose the right hearing protection. For optimal hearing comfort, discover our earplugs with filter.

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Our hearing protection with filter:

Our very innovative Plic Audio cap is composed of 2+1 corollas. The first two corollas will be perfectly positioned in your ear canal. The third corolla will stabilize everything in your ear to guarantee perfect stability and good sealing. To reduce noise and sounds that are too loud, Horizane has equipped these caps with two filters. Thus, the double filter allows the reduction of noise and the filtration of harmonics, while letting through important sounds (alarm, call ...). This hearing protection is very comfortable and available for several uses:

Special sleep hearing protection:

Designed to help you get a restful sleep, this noise-cancelling plug for sleeping will greatly reduce outside noise and snoring. Thanks to its filter, you will still be able to hear the calls and the sound of your alarm clock.

Special DIY hearing protection:

Perfect for people working with noisy tools, DIY hearing protection helps protect your ears from excessive noise. Thanks to its filter, the protective cap will still let the sound of alarms or calls pass.

Special swimming hearing protection:

The pool earplug from Horizane will protect your ears from water and noise. It will be your best ally to the sea as well as to the pool.

Special travel hearing protection:

It will allow you to cope with the noises found in public transport such as train, bus or metro. This hearing protection will allow you to reduce noise while hearing calls and warnings.

Special child hearing protection:

Ideal for any type of noise, the children's earplug from Horizane is specially adapted to children's small ear canals. It is also suitable for swimming.

Special hearing protection small duct:

Suitable for adults with a narrow ear canal. This earplug will significantly decrease all disturbing and dangerous noises.

The Standard Noise Reduction of our Filter Caps is 18dB. This measurement is a global measure that does not indicate in which "harmonics" and wavelengths the sounds are blocked. For more information on each of the caps, the values are indicated on the ad hoc flyers.

How do I use hearing protection?

Easy to use and maintain, earplugs should be cleaned at least once a month. The filter can be removed for this wash and then reinserted. It is advisable to change caps every 2 years. These caps are made of thermoplastic. They do not contain silicone or latex.

Find all our CE declarations of conformity on this link.

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