For several seasons, the mouth has been the most popular part of the face for makeup. In order to have an irresistible smile and a perfect layout, discover organic natural makeup.

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To have a beautiful mouth, it is necessary that it is perfectly well hydrated. For this, it is recommended to use scrubs and makeup with a composition rich in protective and restorative active ingredients. Makeup for the lips will be your ally good looks!

Make your mouth stand out with COPINESline brand's professional lip makeup:

Organic lip contour pencil:

To draw the contour of your lips, enlarge your mouth, or camouflage it, use the lip pencil. Thanks to its firm and ultra slippery tip, it allows a precise and perfect layout. Its 100% natural skincare formula will protect and nourish your lips while drawing them. Thanks to the virgin organic castor oil concentrated in active ingredients, your makeup will easily last a whole day. In perfect combo with lipstick, it offers a glamorous mouth.

Organic lipstick:

Bring color to your mouth with the lipstick pencil. Its soft and pigment-rich formula will ensure an opaque and precise filling. Easy to use thanks to its soft and creamy texture, this lipstick will last throughout the day. Its 100% natural care formula will protect and nourish your lips while sublimating them.

Discover our bright, intense and irresistible shades!

How to choose your lipstick?

Here are some recommendations if you are hesitating about choosing your lipstick shade:

Depending on its complexion:

In order to highlight your mouth, it is possible to take into account its skin color.

  • Matte or golden skin, dare bright lipsticks and vibrant colors!
  • Mixed to black skin, opt for dark colors such as red, burgundy or purple.
  • Light or pink skin, light colors like pink or red will fit you perfectly.

Depending on the color of his hair:

  • Blonde: Choose your shade in cold or nude tones.
  • Coppery: opt for a warm, orange or red tone. These colors will go perfectly well with your hair.
  • Brown or chestnut: you have the choice! Red, pink, nude, orange... All shades will fit you!

Still hesitating? Take into account your outfit and eye makeup to adapt your lipstick color to the best.

Organic lip pencil

Organic lip pencil - Rouge

Organic lip pencil - Nude 3

Organic lip pencil -...

Organic lipstick

Organic lipstick - Nude

Organic lipstick - Neutral

Organic lipstick - Beige 2

Organic lipstick - Raspberry

Organic lipstick - Cherry