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It is essential to take care of yourself to feel good in your body as well as in your head. To assert yourself, or to seduce, discover our perfumes and beauty products. Whatever your skin type, taste and style, you're bound to find what you need.

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How to take care of yourself?

For our health, our appearance and our surroundings, we must take care of ourselves. It is important to feel good about yourself to reduce the sources of stress and have self-confidence. To do this, take care of your face and skin by adopting a beauty routine.

How to take care of your face?

Throughout the day, our skin undergoes many aggressions due to pollution, sun, makeup ... In order to protect it, to avoid the appearance of imperfections or its dryness, it is essential to clean and moisturize it. To take care of your face here are two essential steps:

  • Step 1: Cleansing and cleansing the skin:

Thoroughly clean your face to prevent the appearance of impurities, and premature skin aging. In order to accompany you during this stage, we have developed several products. To gently remove makeup, you will find the water makeup remover glove. This glove is ideal for quickly removing traces of makeup.

To cleanse your skin in the morning and evening, discover our organic micellar water. This lotion can also be used as a makeup remover. Apply it using a reusable cotton pad to thoroughly cleanse your skin.

  • Step 2: Hydration:

To have beautiful skin, you have to moisturize it and apply serums to sublimate it further. Nature & Senteurs has designed organic facial treatments made in France. After showering, mix your serum oil with your face cream, and apply everything.

We advise you to do a scrub once a week to remove dead skin.


Discover also our accessories for the face: konjac face sponge, tweezers, comedone pullers.... These beauty accessories will serve you daily to sublimate your face and to eliminate hair and pimples.

How to take care of your body?

Just like the face, your body needs to be hydrated and cleansed with products that match your skin. Cleanse your body with a shower gel with a pH close to that of your skin. You can use a Konjac body sponge to exfoliate, moisturize or purify your skin. Mornings and evenings apply your organic donkey milk cream as well as your natural oil on your skin. This protective layer will gently moisturize your skin and prevent it from becoming fragile.

It is also important to take care of your nails, hands and feet. To do this, discover our beauty accessories for the body. Ceramic grater for feet, nail clippers, files... You will have the choice between a large number of accessories.

How to take care of your appearance?

Here you will find our solutions to assert yourself, to feel beautiful, to seduce and take care of your appearance.

Colored lenses:

They will dress your eyes respecting the health and comfort of your eyes. Quarterly or daily color lenses, you will have the choice between several natural colors to intensify your look.


To use on a daily basis, or in the evening, discover our makeup for the eyes, mouth or nails. Made in France, this makeup is organic.

The teeth whitening kit:

Whiten your teeth in a few weeks for a perfectly white smile.


Stand out throughout the day with our fresh and natural fragrances. Eau de Cologne, eau de toilette, fresh water... you will inevitably find the fragrance you need.

Tooth whitening kit
Gel blanchiment des dents
Ciseaux ongles lames droites vert
Scissors nails straight...
Ciseaux ongles lames courbes violet
Ciseaux à peaux lames droites rose
Ciseaux à peaux lames courbes bleu
Ciseaux poils du nez
Ciseaux ongles bébé
Lime à ongles cristal de Bohème bleu
Bohemian crystal nail file...
Lime à ongles bébé
Lime à ongles pro
Set de 5 limes bois
Coupe ongles manucure bleu
Nail clipper manicure - Rose
Nail clipper manicure - Navy
Coupe ongles pédicure vert
Nail clipper pedicure - Mallow
Nail clipper pedicure - Navy
Coupe ongles bébé
Tweezers bit bias - Bleu
Tweezers bit bias - Rose
Tweezers bit bias - Navy