It is important to take care of your eyes in order to protect them as much as possible. To accompany you on a daily basis, we have designed eye products for your comfort and health.

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In this category you will find moisturizing eye drops, multifunctional solutions for contact lenses and colored lenses.

Hydrolarm, the moisturizing eye drops:

Do you have dry eyes or are you prone to allergies? Test Hydrolarm to cope with those unpleasant sensations of burning, tingling or even redness. This eye lubricant will protect, moisturize and relieve your eyes. Composed of hyaluronic acid and distilled waters of chamomile and blueberry, it will be perfect for people with sensitive eyes. Thanks to its dosing valve bottle, this moisturizing eye drops is practical and very easy to use. You can use it every day, and at any age.

Vitalens, the multifunction solution for contact lenses:

Whether for your health or visual comfort, it is important to clean your contact lenses well. After each use, come clean, rinse, decontaminate, lubricate and moisturize your lenses with Vitalens. Our contact lens product will follow you everywhere thanks to our many formats. Its composition based on hyaluronic acid will allow you to obtain extreme comfort. This lens care product is very suitable for sensitive eyes.

Colored lenses:

A beautiful look never leaves indifferent. In order to sublimate it further while respecting the health and comfort of your eyes, discover our quarterly color lenses and our daily color lenses. Green lens, blue lens, gray lens, brown lens... You will have the choice! Flexible and comfortable, our colorful lenses are easy to use and will dress your eyes in a natural way.

Allergy, dryness, eye discomfort, how to relieve your eyes?

To relieve your eyes and prevent any dry eye, we give you some tips to follow. As a first step, it is advisable to protect yourself as much as possible from UV rays, light intensity and blue light. It is also recommended not to wear your contact lenses for too long. Finally, apply an eye moisturizer daily.

Why should I clean my contact lenses with a lens care product?

Throughout the day, your colored or corrective lenses are invaded by dust and bacteria. It is important to clean and disinfect them after each use. Indeed, their cleaning makes it possible to avoid all kinds of infections or eye genes.

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