Water bottles

Slipped into a bed or wedged at your feet, the hot water bottle diffuses a soft and relaxing heat thus providing a real feeling of well-being. Also used cold, the hot water bottle will bring you freshness during your summer nights. Discover our water bottles for optimal comfort and relieved pain.

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Our microwave hot water bottle:

Practical and very useful, the adult hot water bottle will provide heat for long hours. You will find three types of hot water bottles:

  • The bare water bottle: only the bottle.
  • The water bottle sweater way: bottle covered with a knitted pocket.
  • The duo hot water bottle: bottle covered with a knitted pocket. It is accompanied by socks or a place to warm his hands.

Our range consists of a 2-liter thermoplastic bottle.

How to use the microwave hot water bottle?

  • Hot: Place the hot water bottle in the microwave or pour your hot water inside the bottle. Be careful that it is well closed to avoid burning yourself. We recommend that you do not put water that exceeds 49°C.
  • Cold: Fill your bare hot water bottle with water and place it in your freezer. Once fresh, you can remove it.

Why use a hot water bottle?

The adult hot water bottle has many advantages. It can be used in winter to warm up or in summer to bring freshness. Ideal for relaxing or sleeping, the hot water bottle has therapeutic effects. It will be able to relieve in the blink of an eye your little pains.

Bouillotte à eau bleu
Water bottle - Beige
Knitted water bottle -...
Bouillotte à eau tricot vert
Bouillotte à eau réchauffe mains
Water bottle duo sock - Red...
Bouillotte à eau duo chaussette
Water bottle Pilou