Hydroalcoholic gels

Every day, our hands accumulate all kinds of bacteria. To prevent any spread, it is advisable to wash your hands. It is important to have clean hands so as not to catch the flu, Covid, or gastro. For this, we have designed a hydroalcoholic hand gel enriched with Organic Aloe vera.

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Our hydroalcoholic gel with Organic Aloe vera 75 ml will easily find its place in your handbag. This hydroalcoholic gel is made in France and is perfect for sensitive skin. Indeed, thanks to its formula enriched with Aloe vera, this purifying gel prevents the drying of the hands. Our hydroalcoholic gel with skin moisturizers is certified virucides, bactericides and fungicides.

How to use an antibacterial gel?

Our hydroalcoholic gel without rinsing is used on dry hands. Come and apply a little product in the palm of your hand, and spread it all over your hand (nails, interdigital spaces, back of the hands ...). For an antibacterial gel to be effective, it is advisable to rub your hands between them for 30 seconds.

How to choose your antibacterial gel?

For well-disinfected hands, it is important to choose the right antibacterial gel. For this, it is recommended to choose a formula with between 60 and 80% alcohol. We recommend a hydroalcoholic gel without rinsing, and which does not stick to the hands. Thanks to this gel, you will be able to wash your hands everywhere even when there is no water point. If you have sensitive skin, choose a hydroalcoholic gel based on organic Aloe vera. Aloe vera will soften your skin and make it more supple.

Gel hydroalcoolique aloe vera 75ml