Hygiene 0-12 years

In order for the baby toilet to be as pleasant as possible, it is essential to equip yourself as well as possible. Care, and good nutrition are factors that affect the most well-being of the child.

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In order to accompany him and fill him to the maximum, we offer hygiene and well-being accessories for baby.

Our baby manicure and pedicure accessories:

Specially designed to take care of your hands, our manicure and pedicure accessories are ideal for delicate nails. Baby nail clipper, baby nail file, baby scissors, baby manicure kit.... You will necessarily find what you need for the small nails of a newborn. Made of stainless steel, they will gently cut his fragile nails.

When to cut baby's nails?

We advise you to wait until your newborn is a month old before cutting his nails. Indeed, before his one month, his nails are far too soft to be cut. So that your child does not get hurt, it is advisable to cut him every week from a month.

Toilet sponges:

Turn the bath into a moment of play with the playful toilet sponges. Thanks to its soft and non-aggressive material, the toilet sponge will effectively clean your child's skin. It will also allow you to remove the most stubborn paint stains. You will have the choice between a dog sponge and a cat sponge.

Brush and anti-lice comb:

Made especially to respect the scalp of an infant, our hairbrush will gently style his hair. Thanks to its maple wood handle, the 100% natural goat bristle brush is easily handled. Discover also our stainless steel anti-lice comb to easily eliminate lice and nits. With its teeth and streaks, it will be easy for you to remove these little beasts.

Anti-lice and nit comb
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Baby hairbrush
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