Personal hygiene is essential to our comfort and health. It is an integral part of our daily lives. The moment of bathing has become a moment of well-being and relaxation.

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In order to accompany you in this very important step, Horizane offers you a wide range of products for a guaranteed body cleanliness. Discover hygiene products for the body, for the hair, and for the skin with natural formulas adapted to everyone. We also offer accessories that will delight your epidermis, ears and nails.

How to have good personal hygiene?

Body cleanliness goes through all the essential gestures to apply such as washing the body, washing the hair, washing the face, washing your hands, taking care of your nails .... These gestures must be performed at regular frequency. Regardless of age, babies, children, adults or the elderly must demonstrate good hygiene. Horizane products are among the best hygiene products to wash effectively. Also available in pharmacies, our organic shower gels and surgras soaps, shampoos and hair care will provide you with optimal hygiene.

Why have good personal hygiene?

It is important to take care of yourself and have good hygiene. Indeed, it will allow you to avoid the spread of diseases, prevent inflammation or irritation, fight against bad body odor, but also defend your skin.

Our hygiene products for the body:

We offer a wide range of products to ensure good body cleanliness. Also sold in pharmacies, you will find on our website:

  • Organic superfat shower gels with aromatic scents to gently clean all skin types.
  • Organic surgras soaps enriched with vegetable oils with softening, nourishing and protective virtues for a healthy and soft skin.
  • Authentic Marseille soaps composed of 72% vegetable oils. 100% natural, they are suitable for all skin types.
  • Monthly cups for complete comfort throughout menstruation.

Our hair products:

The scalp acts as a protective barrier, which is why it needs special care and attention. To help you take care of your hair, we have made different products:

  • Organic body and face hair shower shampoos rich in Aloe vera and coconut vegetable oil.
  • Hair care for dry hair, dull hair and for all types of hair.
  • Professional hairbrushes to untangle and massage the scalp.

Our hygiene accessories:

  • Face accessories: discover our konjac sponges to gently clean your face, makeup remover gans, as well as tweezers, earpicks, scissors for nose hair and comedone pullers.
  • Body accessories: you will find konjac sponges for the body, washing sponges and care scissors and splinter pliers.
  • Pedicure manicure accessories: you will have the choice between a large number of files and scissors and nail clippers.

It is not always easy to have a sink and soap nearby. In order to ensure your hand hygiene no matter the occasion, we have developed disinfectant hydroalcoholic gels enriched with Organic Aloe see.

Organic shower gel Olive &...

Organic shower gel without...

Argan & Orange organic...

Organic shower gel Aloe...

Shampoing douche amande 500ml

Shampoing douche monoï

Shampoing douche agrume
Marseille soap liquid peony...
Marseille soap liquid...

Organic donkey milk soap...

Donkey milk soap Organic...
Savon de Marseille verveine du midi 100gr
Savon de Marseille rose sauvage du Lubéron 100gr
Savon de Marseille lavande de Provence 100gr
Savon de Marseille pivoine des merveilles 100gr
Savon de Marseille olive des Alpilles 100gr
Savon de Marseille 150gr
Savon de Marseille huile d'olive 150gr

Savon bio miel de propolis 100gr

Savon bio beurre de cacao 100gr

Savon bio lait de coco 100gr

Organic care oil - jojoba &...

Organic care oil - sweet...

Organic care oil - Argan &...