Your hairbrushes

To keep your hair healthy, it is important to brush it. In addition to bringing shine to your hair, the brush removes brittle hair and dead cells. It also removes chemical particles and other residues that remain in your hair. To give your hair a shine, discover our hair brushes for the whole family!


Anti-lice and nit comb

Anti-lice and nit comb

Plic care |
  • Stainless steel lice comb
  • Eliminates lice and nits
  • Teeth double micro streaks
  • Painless
  • All hair types
    Ultra demelt hairbrush

    Ultra demelt hairbrush

    Plic beauty |
    • Ultra-detangling brush
    • For all types of hair
    • Men, women and children
    • Smoothly unravels
    • Ergonomic format
    • Getting started with "Soft touch"
      Baby hairbrush

      Baby hairbrush

      Plic beauty |
      • Baby hairbrush
      • Natural soft goat hair
      • Handle made of 100% natural maple wood
      • Ergonomic and pleasant to handle
      • To be used daily from birth
        Wooden round brush pins in...
        Professional brush hair...