To keep hair healthy, it is important to brush it. In addition to bringing shine to your hair, the brush removes brittle hair, dead cells. It also removes chemical particles and other residues that remain in your hair. To give shine to your hair, discover our professional brushes!

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Our professional hairbrushes:

We have developed different types of brushes that will perfectly suit your hair:

  • The professional detangling and smoothing beech brush. This pimple pneumatic hairbrush is specially designed for untangling and massaging the scalp.
  • The round detangling brush in beech and boar / nylon pimples. This brush is flexible and contains pimples of boar bristles and nylons. It will gently untangle and massage your scalp. Your hair will be more hydrated, shiny and silky.
  • The ultra detangling brush. Ergonomic, this hairbrush in nomadic format will easily find its place in a handbag. It is composed of two sizes of pimples for a smooth disentangling.
  • The children's hairbrush made of goat hair. This baby brush is super soft.
  • The anti-lice comb to eliminate these little beasts that walk on the head of our children.

Why is it important to brush your hair?

It is recommended to brush your hair regularly so that bacteria cannot clog the pores. The hairbrush will stimulate the hair vessels, and provide the hair with the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Brushing will allow the sebaceous glands to produce sebum and spread it over your entire length. Sebum is a natural treatment that will make your hair stronger, stronger and shinier!

How often should I brush my hair?

It is recommended to brush your hair once a day, either in the morning or in the evening.

For hair bursting with beauty, do not hesitate to use our organic shampoos and our hair care oil!

Anti-lice and nit comb
Ultra demelt hairbrush
Baby hairbrush