Baby & Child

We have developed a small range of products to accompany your children during their first years of life. When you are a parent, you try to preserve as much as possible the health and well-being of your baby. In order to take care of your children, we have developed products dedicated to their comfort and hygiene.

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Here you will find our care and wellness products for baby and child.

Hygiene accessories for children:

In order to prevent baby from scratching, we have designed various manicure and pedicure accessories. Baby nail clipper, baby nail file, baby scissors or a manicure kit for children, there is everything! These baby manicure accessories are perfectly suited to their small nails. Safely, you will be able to cut him without hurting him.

You will also find shower sponges to gently clean his body or hands after a painting workshop.

Accessories for styling baby:

Just like an adult, it is important to style baby's hair. For this, you will find in this category, our hairbrush for children with hyper soft goat hair. This 100% natural brush is ideal for milk crusts. At the nursery or at school, lice will not hesitate to come and settle on the little head of your child. Eliminate them in the blink of an eye with our anti-lice comb. This comb has stainless steel teeth with double streaks. Easy to use, it will allow you to effectively remove nits and lice.

Accessories for its eye comfort:

Baby sunglasses are essential for outings. Like sunscreen, children's sunglasses are part of the sun protection kit. Just like UV, children need to have protection from blue light from screens. To ensure protection against the harmful effects of blue light, discover our anti-blue light glasses for children.

Accessories for relaxation and comfort:

We have designed cuddly hot water bottles for baby. In addition to warming it, our baby hot water bottles will relieve your infant's colic.

Measuring accessories:

To make sure your child is well, check out our baby thermometers. You will find different types of thermometers: conventional thermometers and infrared forehead thermometers.

Eaux de parfum for babies and children:

Just like the grown-ups, they too have the right to perfume themselves. For this, we have carefully selected baby perfume that is gentle and adapted to their sensitive skin.

Our care and wellness accessories for baby and child are also developed for adults.

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