Beauty accessories

It is important to pay attention to its appearance and take care of it as much as possible. In order to help you take care of yourself, we have developed beauty accessories for the face.

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Appearance is a primary source of information about us and helps us feel better about ourselves. Thanks to our accessories your skin will be more beautiful on a daily basis. With our products say goodbye to dead skin, hair and dirt lying on your face. These accessories will actively participate in your beauty routine. Discover without further delay:

Konjac face sponges:

Made from natural konjac, our sponges have been enriched with active ingredients. These natural active ingredients have been selected to address several issues. In addition to deeply cleansing your skin, these sponges will bring all the desired benefits. These sponges will allow you to purify, moisturize or exfoliate your face.

Makeup remover gloves:

We have found a 0 waste tip to remove your makeup! Designed in microfiber our makeup remover gloves will allow you to eliminate traces of makeup only with water. A little water, a few strokes of gloves on the face, and your skin is perfectly cleansed. To suit both fragile and oily skin, we have developed 2 types of gloves.

Reusable makeup remover cottons:

Made of bamboo fiber, our makeup remover cottons are reusable. Perfect for removing makeup or applying lotion to the face, these makeup remover cottons are a 0 waste solution. When they are dirty, put them in the washing machine! Super soft, reusable makeup remover cotton is suitable for any skin type. Discover our kit consisting of 15 reusable makeup remover cottons, a washing net and a pouch.


Remove your facial hair accurately with our tweezers. You will have the choice between several models: straight bit tweezers, crab bit tweezers, bias bit tweezers... You will inevitably find the professional tweezers you need. Fine hair, rough hair, thick hair... they won't bother you anymore.

The comedons pull:

Eliminate in seconds the blackheads and pimples lying on your face with the professional blackhead pull. This comedons extractor releases pores when they are cluttered with excess sebum. It removes the risk of infections related to manual extraction.

Scissors nose hair:

These nose scissors will allow you to precisely cut the hairs protruding from your nose.

The ear cure:

The reusable stainless steel ear cure is also a 0 waste solution. It will allow you to clean your ears without hurting yourself.

Whether for your health, hygiene or appearance, our accessories will help you improve the quality of your skin.

Beauty Routine 0:

Discover our beauty routine for a perfect face:


  1. Before touching your face, wash your hands.
  2. Apply micellar water to your face using a reusable cotton pad.
  3. Apply organic moisturizer to your face before applying makeup.

In the evening:

  1. Wash your hands before coming to remove makeup from your face.
  2. In the shower, take your makeup remover glove and come and remove your makeup with water.
  3. Take your konjac sponge face, soak it with water and run it over your face.
  4. Wipe your skin and apply vegetable oil to your face to deeply nourish it.

Ciseaux poils du nez
Tweezers bit bias
Tweezers bit bias - Rose
Tweezers bit bias - Navy
Tweezers straight bit - Green
Two-way tweezers - Pink
Tweezers round bits - blue
Crab bit tweezers - Purple
Comedons - Green
Mini Konjac Sponge - Purifying
Mini Konjac Sponge -...
Mini Konjac Sponge -...
Mini sponge Konjac - Pure
Coton démaquillant lavable
Reusable Makeup Remover...
Reusable Makeup Remover...