Pill boxes

Very useful for people following medical treatment, the pill box will allow you to take your medication correctly without making a mistake. When traveling, at friends' houses or at home, the pill box will follow you everywhere.

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In order to accompany you on a daily basis, we have developed different models of pill box: semainier pill box, daily pill box, pocket pill box... you will necessarily find the medicine box that suits you best.

What is a pill box?

A pill box is a multi-compartment box that helps people properly follow their medical treatment. Depending on the size of the pill box, tablets, capsules, sachets and ampoules can be stored there. For people with memory or vision problems, the pill box is a solution so as not to make a mistake in taking tablets.

How to use a pill box?

At the beginning of each week, come and store the tablets to be taken each day in the boxes of the weekly pill box. You can then recover throughout the week the tablets corresponding to the box of the day.

Why use a pill box?

When taking medical treatment, it is recommended to bring a daily pill box or a semainier pill box because the pill box allows:

  • Help people who have difficulty following regular treatment
  • Do not make a mistake and forget to take a tablet
  • To organize and prepare in advance his treatment
  • Avoid any risk of overdose
  • To notice quickly when you have almost no medicine left

Our weekly pill dispensers:

The weekly pill box also called week pill box or week pill box allows to prepare the treatment of the week for a patient, a third person or by the person himself. We offer different models:

The Slim with fabric or imitation leather case: Our Slim pill boxes contain a case and 7 cases of 4 compartments for taking tablets and capsules throughout the day (morning, noon, evening, night).

The Jumbo with fabric or imitation leather case: Our Jumbo pill boxes are slim in larger size. They are suitable for patients who require heavier treatments with a larger number of tablets.

The Galaxy with imitation leather case: This pill box is ideal for people taking pills, capsules, ampoules and sachets. It is divided into two parts. A rectangle of 4 compartments for tablets and capsules, and a receptacle for sachets and ampoules.

Our daily pill dispensers:

The daily pill box allows you to prepare your treatment for the day. We offer different types of daily pill boxes:

The Daily with its imitation leather case: Our Daily pill boxes are ideal for taking pills and capsules. It is divided into 4 compartments (morning, noon, evening, night).

The Daily + with its imitation leather case: The Daily + pillbox is the same principle as the Daily, with in addition a space to store the bags.

The Pocket: our metal pocket pill boxes are composed of 4 compartments. Small and practical, they will easily find their place in your bag or pocket before going out.

Discover also our Pilulier Seven which can be used as well as a semainier as a day labourer!

Do you have difficulty with boyer or cutting your tablets? we have the solution for you.

Pilulier slim gris
Slim pill box imitation...
Pill slim fabric - Rose
Pilulier slim tissu gris
Pilulier jumbo bleu
Jumbo pill box imitation...
Pilulier jumbo tissu bleu
Jumbo fabric pill box - Marron
Pilulier daily brun
Pill box daily - Vert
Pilulier daily plus brun
Pilulier galaxy brun
Pilulier pocket cuir taupe
Round pocket pill box -...
Pilulier pocket croco rouge
Square pocket pill box - Rose
Pilulier semainier détachable
Crusher broyeur de pilules
Cutter coupe comprimés