Soaps from Marseille

Perfectly adapted to dry and fragile skin, Marseille Nature & Senteurs soap is an alternative to shower gel. Made in Provence, our solid soaps from Marseille are enriched with vegetable oils. For impeccable personal hygiene, discover our liquid or cube Marseille soap.

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Thanks to its hypoallergenic and bactericidal virtues, Marseille soap is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin. The famous soap is recognizable thanks to its special fragrance and effectiveness.

Liquid Marseille soap:

All the virtues of an authentic Marseille soap in liquid version. Made in Provence, liquid soap contains 12% vegetable oils. Our soaps come from a traditional and artisanal process of saponification. This makes it possible to obtain a formula with biodegradable natural surfactants.

Marseille's cube soap:

Authentic, our Marseille soaps are made of cauldron. Solid soap is composed of 72% vegetable oils including Olive and Copra. It also contains 100% natural surfactants. 100% biodegradable, our solid Marseille soaps are ecological by nature.

You will find:

  • Traditional soaps in cubes of 150 g with olive oil or without perfume.
  • Scented Marseille soaps 100 g extra-soft for the skin.

Why use Marseille Nature & Senteurs soap?

Often known for its use in household chores, this soap results from many dermatological and ecological cleanliness.

We recommend using Marseille soap because:

  • It is an ecological product that does not pollute the environment.
  • It is gentle and does not irritate the skin.
  • It is suitable for both pregnant women and babies.
  • It cleans perfectly well and leaves a good smell on the skin.

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