Whether for your visual comfort, or your health, it is essential to clean and decontaminate your lenses. To accompany you throughout the day, discover our contact lens maintenance solution.

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With Vitalens, we guarantee you daily comfort and effective protection of your eyes. The lens product allows you to eliminate all kinds of deposits that would settle on your contact lens.

Our cleaning solution for soft contact lenses:

Discover our multifunctional solutions for flexible contact lenses. Also called all-in-one, these solutions have multiple functions. VITALENS allows you to clean, rinse, decontaminate, lubricate and moisturize your lenses. Our lens solutions are sterile, isotonic and buffered. They are composed of hyaluronic acid to allow sensitive eyes to achieve extreme comfort. The composition of our multifunctional solutions for the eyes is similar to that of tears, and is suitable for everyone. Our lens cleaner is also suitable for silicone hydrogel lenses. You will be able to take care of your eyes while ensuring the hygiene of your lenses. With VITALENS, you will have no problem with inflammation or irritation. Discover our different formats according to your needs. Our lens solutions are sold with an antibacterial case.

Why should I clean my contact lenses with a multifunction lens solution?

It is important to always clean your lenses well after each use. Throughout the day, germs, dust or particles can land on your lens. This can degrade its permeability, interfere with your eyesight, or even cause eye infections. Daily, monthly, bi-monthly and annual contact lenses require cleaning. Whether for aesthetic purposes or to correct eyesight, it is essential to clean your lenses well. The lenses are in direct contact with the cornea, if they are covered with deposits, the cornea will be less oxygenated. This will promote lesions and a feeling of discomfort.

How to choose your contact lens product?

To choose your lens product, you must take into consideration the characteristics of your eyes and lenses. In addition to preserving your lens, it must preserve your eye. If you wear annual contact lenses (rigid or solid), heavier cleaning is necessary. We advise you to opt for a multifunctional solution with a composition close to your tears. For extreme comfort, opt for a hyaluronic acid cleansing solution.

How to maintain your lenses?

Before removing your lenses, wash your hands thoroughly. Then remove a lens, and come and pour your lens product on it. Massage it for about twenty seconds to remove impurities. Then rinse it with your lens product and place it in its antibacterial case. Let it soak in your case for the time recommended on the leaflet.

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