True protection against ultraviolet rays, the sunglasses are an accessory to have imperatively. UV rays are dangerous for our eyes because they reach our lens. Regardless of age, it is important to wear sun protection

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Sunlight can cause a feeling of glare, discomfort or fatigue. In the long term, UV rays can cause eye problems and a temporary decrease in vision. In order to accompany you for many years, Horizane has designed pretty sunglasses for women, men and children.

The sunglasses Horizane :

We have developed a collection of optical quality glasses worthy of health professionals, pharmacists or opticians. Women's sunglasses, men's sunglasses, baby and child sunglasses... Here you will find a wide choice of models to match both adults and children. Our frames are distinguished by a precision of the hangings, by the sharpness of the coatings and the quality of the hinges. Pretty, colorful and robust, our sunglasses will last for many years. Effective protection against UV rays, our polarized lenses will provide you with a much higher visual comfort. Solar glass protects Horizane on 2 levels: against UV and against light intensity. We offer category 4 sunglasses for children, and category 3 for adults. Wooden sunglasses, colorful sunglasses, round sunglasses... You will inevitably find the protection you need! Our lenses are made of polycarbonate offering UV400 protection (UV100%).

How to choose your sunglasses?

Several criteria must be taken into account to choose the right glasses:

  • Choose your category (0 to 4).
  • Check that the bezel has the CE mention (means compliance with European law in terms of UV protection).
  • Select a template that you like.

How to choose your bezel category?

There are five categories classified on a scale of 0 to 4, depending on the percentage of light filtered:

  • Category 0 does not protect 20 from solar UV, it is intended only for aesthetics.
  • Categories 1 and 2 are ideal for attenuated and medium solar brightness.
  • Category 3 protects during situations of high sunshine.
  • Category 4 protects more effectively against sun reverberation. It is highly recommended for snow.

It is strongly recommended to equip children with sunglasses with a maximum protection filter of type 4. Indeed, their eyes are much more sensitive than those of adults. On the other hand, for adults, category 3 will suffice.

Discover also our cleaning kit for glasses to maintain your visual protections!

Find all our CE declarations of conformity on this link.

Lunette solaire CAMILLE
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Sunglasses 0-1 year -...