A real weapon of seduction, the look of a woman never leaves indifferent. This one reveals a lot about our personality. It is for this reason that eye makeup must be cared for. To do this, discover our organic cosmetic products for the eyes to sublimate your look.

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Our cosmetics are made in France and from natural materials. Enriched with vegetable oils, our eye makeup is perfect for sensitive eyes. Amaze those around you in a beat of eyelashes using our organic natural eye makeup. For an intense look discover:

The pencil for the eyes:

A single stroke of the pencil is enough to give your eye a new look. Thanks to its firm and ultra slippery face the route will necessarily be successful. Its formula enriched with castor oil and shea butter will provide sweetness to your eyes. This pencil is ideal for making up the inside and outside of your eye. Pencil for brown eyes, pencil for green eyes, pencil for black eyes... You will inevitably find the one you need.


To apply in blush or liner, it will give depth to your look. Its soft and creamy texture will allow you to make pretty gradients. Our eye shadows are made from certified organic natural active ingredients and are perfect for sensitive eyes. For a colorful result, discover our six shades of shadows. Ultra pigmented, eye shadow will considerably deepen your look.


It is an essential in some women. Organic mascara thickens and lengthens the eyelashes thus giving character to the look. You will find different types of mascaras depending on the expected results.

Which color to choose for your eyes?

  • Green eyes: Bet on warm eye shadows composed of red or brown. We recommend using a colored eyeshadow that contrasts perfectly with your green eyes.
  • Brown eyes: Cold or warm colors, iridescent or matte eye shadows, brown eyes can afford everything.
  • Blue eyes: Use colors that complement your iris. This means opposite colors on the color circle. The orange shades (coral, copper, peach...) will perfectly bring out your blue eyes. You can also bring contrast by opting for your dark shades (gray, taupe, dark brown ...).

No matter the color of your iris, using an eye pencil as well as mascara will bring you more intensity.

Discover the products of the organic makeup brand for a guaranteed professional makeup.

Crayon yeux bio Taupe glacé

Crayon yeux bio Taupe glacé

Organic eye pencil - coffee

Organic eye pencil - Fern

Organic eye pencil - Steel...

Organic eye pencil - Carbon...

Organic eyeshadow

Organic eyeshadow -...

Organic eyeshadow - Iced...

Organic eyeshadow - Espresso

Organic eyeshadow - Black 2

Fard à paupières bio Duo
Black Mascara Volume &...
Mascara Allongateur -...
Black Mascara Volume &...