No matter the occasion, it is always a pleasure to receive a gift box. Whether for a birthday, a birth, an end-of-year party or a retirement, you will inevitably find an idea for a gift box here.

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We offer a nice selection of gift boxes designed for young and old. Please without spending too much it's possible!

Women's gift idea:

You want to offer the ideal gift for your friend, your mother or your sister, but you have no idea? Turn to our beauty boxes. Discover our different boxes to offer on all occasions. You will have the choice between boxes of cologne and beauty kit, cologne and Marseille soap or boxes of care oil and beauty kit.

Men's gift idea:

For your father, your friend or your brother, discover our authentic Marseille soaps made in cauldron through our box of 4 scented Marseille soaps, and our box of 4 organic surgras soaps.

Gift idea for baby:

For birthday, Christmas or the birth of a baby, we have made hypoallergenic and alcohol-free eau de parfum boxes. Our baby perfume boxes are accompanied by a small plush toy.

Coffret eau de Cologne naturelle/savon olive vert
Coffret eau de Cologne/savon pivoine des merveilles vert
Box cologne / green midi...
Coffret eau de Cologne florale/savon rose sauvage vert
Box 4 soaps of Marseille

Box 4 organic soaps
Coffret Cologne Naturelle authentique 100ml
Coffret Cologne Vetiver intense 100ml
Coffret Cologne Pivoine des merveilles 100ml
Coffret Cologne Thé vert printemps 100ml
Coffret Cologne Chèvrefeuille des bois 100ml
Coffret Cologne Gingembre bleu 100ml
Coffret Cologne Florale des papillons 100ml

Coffret huile de beauté bio Régulatrice

Coffret huile de beauté bio Eclat

Coffret huile de beauté bio Nutrition

Eau de Bébé Ourson il 50ml

Eau de Bébé Ourson elle 50ml

Mixed Baby Water Bebiou 50ml