Hot water bottles

Essential relaxation accessory to have at home, the hot/cold hot water bottle will relieve your pain and bring you comfort. Discover our selection of hot water bottles for baby, child, adult and senior.

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The hot water bottle can be used in all seasons. In summer, fill the water with cold water to bring a wave of freshness and relieve your heavy legs, neck or shoulders. In winter, microwave it or fill it with hot water to bring warmth.

Our hot water bottles:

In order to accompany you in this moment of well-being, we have developed hot water bottles adapted to all.

Bare water bottles:

Ideal for relaxing or relieving small pains, this hot water bottle for adults can hold up to 2L of water. It must be filled with hot water, maximum 49°C.

Hot water bottles sweater:

Just like the bare water bottle, it can hold up to 2L of water. To bring always more softness, we have chosen a very soft material.

Soft water bottles:

In order to relieve your child's anxiety attacks or pain, use a water-free hot water bottle to calm them down. In addition to providing well-being, these warm plush toys can be used as a blanket. The baby dry hot water bottle is available in several animals: koala, giraffe, llama, cat ... Filled with silicone beads or ceramic beads the plush is removable and runs in the microwave for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If you wanted to bring a little freshness, simply place it in the freezer.

Care hot water bottle:

It will relieve pain, feelings of discomfort or even certain symptoms. Whether it is the scarf, the cushion or the lumbar belt, 2 actions are possible: the action of heat for muscle or general relaxation by relieving the consequent symptoms (low back pain, migraines, neck pain and others), and the action of beneficial cold in all situations of inflammation and edema (heavy legs, sticalgies ...)

Why use a hot water bottle?

  • To warm up: Widely used in winter, the hot water bottle will diffuse heat in a few minutes in your bed or on your body. Forgot to turn on the heating before going to sleep? do not panic it will heat your bedding in a snap of a finger.

  • To relax: What could be better to watch TV while lying on a sofa with your plaid and hot water bottle? The heat transmitted to your skin will help your muscles relax.

  • To relieve pain or small ailments: The heat transmitted by the hot water bottle will relieve muscle pain, menstrual pain, colic and stomach aches. In order to relieve your pain, come and place the hot water bottle on the area for 20 minutes. For pain in the lumbar or cervical area, we advise you to opt for hot water bottles (cold warm neck circumference for the cervicals, cold warm lumbar belt for lower back pain).

  • For a restful sleep: The hot water bottle has therapeutic effects thus helping to find sleep faster. Use hot or cold, it will help you spend a quiet and restful night.

How to choose your hot water bottle?

A hot water bottle will be chosen according to the use you are going to make of it. For this it will be necessary to take into consideration its size, its shape as well as its heating time. For a child, choose a dry hot water bottle to avoid any incident. For an adult or a senior, choose a classic water bottle if it is to warm you relax or relieve small pains. On the other hand, if the pain is muscular, opt for a care hot water bottle. The hot water bottle is a multi-purpose accessory, intended to warm up or treat local pain. It can be an original gift to give to friends, parents or grandparents!

Soft water bottle - Panda
Soft water bottle - Cat
Soft water bottle - Dog
Soft water bottle - Sheep
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Cushion hot water bottle
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