Baby sunglasses

Why protect babies' eyes with special sunglasses?

Babies' eyes are very sensitive before the age of one. This is because their lens is not yet properly formed. 90% of UVA and more than 50% of UVB rays cannot be filtered and reach their retina. It is important to choose quality baby sunglasses. That's why we've put together a guide on choosing the best 0-2 year old sunglasses to protect them.

There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for their pair of sunglasses. First, you need to make sure the glasses offer 100% UV protection (UV 100% or UV400 designation). Second, look for a pair that fits their face perfectly. Finally, choose a style that your child will enjoy and want to wear.

What protection factor to choose for baby sunglasses?

In the mountains, at the beach or during outdoor activities, it is essential to protect their eyes and to choose an adapted sun protection.

To choose glasses that will correctly protect their eyes, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the "CE" marking European standard indicated on the label. Make sure the sun protection factor is at least 3. For maximum protection, we recommend a factor of 4 which will absorb between 92% and 97% of light and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

Did you know that?

A pair of children's sunglasses with a scratched lens is no longer fully effective. It is recommended to clean the sunglasses with soapy water or a suitable cleaner to prevent damage.

Baby sunglasses

What type of baby frames should I choose?

The choice of the frame will depend on the morphology of your child. It is necessary to choose a frame which is sufficiently enveloping and which fits well on his nose. Glasses with headband, glasses with temples, glasses with temples and headband... Which protection is the most adapted?

Wide branches:

The temples should be wide enough and not too curved at the back. The less the branch is curved, the less discomfort your child will experience in the ear.

An adjustable elastic headband:

For their comfort, we recommend you to choose a model containing an elastic band. The headband will allow you to hold the sunglasses on your nose and prevent them from falling off.

An ergonomic model:

It is important to know that until the age of 2 years, the child does not have a nose bridge. It is thus judicious to choose a model rounded at the level of the nose.

A wraparound frame:

For maximum protection, it is recommended that the glasses be full coverage and well wrapped. The top of the frame should follow the curves of the face, especially around the eyebrows. The most suitable shape is round.

Resistant and light:

Babies don't like to wear sunglasses on their nose. They need to be hidden from view! That's why we suggest a lightweight, impact-resistant frame. For their comfort and durability, choose flexible temples and unbreakable lenses. Don't forget that children are the ones wearing them. Polycarbonate and rubber are ultra-resistant and very light materials. They are highly recommended for newborns.

How to convince a baby to wear sunglasses?

Protecting their eyes is important, but often a challenge. Here are some tips on how to do it: 

  • Explain to your child why sunglasses are needed. 
  • Choose a sunscreen they like. 
  • Show them that you wear them too. 
  • Show your child that sunglasses make it easier to see.

Where to find baby sunglasses?

Baby boy sunglasses and baby girl sunglasses can be found in pharmacies, baby specialty stores, opticians and online.

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