Face accessories

Whether for your health, or for the beauty of your face, it is important to use accessories that will help you take care of your skin. For this, we have decided to accompany you daily by offering hygiene accessories for the face.

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The skin of our face is thin and sensitive. It is necessary to know how to clean it, moisturize it and take care of it to avoid any feelings of discomfort. In this category, you will find hygiene accessories for the face such as:

  • Konjac sponges for the face: softer than a sea sponge, the 100% natural and vegetable Konjac sponge will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. The fibers of our sponges have exceptional qualities. You will have the choice between four types of Konjac sponges (the moisturizing Konjac sponge, the purifying Konjac sponge, the exfoliating Konjac sponge, the Konjac sponge for any skin type). Extremely soft, the sponge to cleanse the face naturally tones the upper layers of the epidermis thus bringing all the radiance and softness that your skin needs.

  • Washable cotton makeup removers: say goodbye to disposable cotton pads and makeup remover wipes, we have found you the ecological and economical solution that will perfectly suit your skin. Made of bamboo fiber, our reusable makeup remover cottons are perfect for gently removing makeup from the face and eyes.

  • Makeup remover gloves: Just like the washable bamboo fiber makeup remover cotton, the microfiber makeup remover glove is an economical and ecological solution. Our microfiber makeup remover glove removes makeup with water while absorbing excess sebum. Extremely soft to the touch, the reusable makeup remover glove exfoliates your skin leaving it clean. We adapt to each skin type, for this, we have designed two types of makeup remover gloves: a makeup remover glove for sensitive skin and a makeup remover glove for combination to oily skin.

  • Tweezers: Our tweezers allow precise hair removal of all areas of the body and face. Today, tweezers are the most used method for facial hair removal (eyebrows, upper lip). We offer different types of tweezers to suit any type of hair. You'll find bias bit tweezers, crab bit tweezers, straight bit tweezers, round bit tweezers, and double tweezers.

  • An ear cure: an economical and ecological solution, the ear cure will replace the cotton swabs to clean your ears and remove excess earwax.

  • A scissor for nose hair: Thanks to its rounded tip, our nose hair scissor with a rounded tip will safely cut the hair of your nose.

  • A comedons puller: mainly used by beauty professionals, the comedons puller will free your pores from all impurities.

How to choose your face accessories?

Some criteria are to be taken into account to choose your face accessories:

  • Your skin type: whether it is dry combination or oily, it is essential to choose your makeup remover glove according to your skin type.
  • Your desired benefits: are you looking to moisturize your skin, exfoliate it or purify it? choose your Konjac sponge according to your need.
  • Your type of hair: do you have thick, thin or short hair? Choose the most suitable tweezers to remove your hair more easily.

Ciseaux poils du nez
Tweezers bit bias
Tweezers bit bias - Rose
Tweezers bit bias - Navy
Tweezers straight bit - Green
Two-way tweezers - Pink
Tweezers round bits - blue
Crab bit tweezers - Purple
Comedons - Green
Blue reusable ear cure
Mini Konjac Sponge - Purifying
Mini Konjac Sponge -...
Mini Konjac Sponge -...
Mini sponge Konjac - Pure
Coton démaquillant lavable
Reusable Makeup Remover...
Reusable Makeup Remover...