Worn every day or only for special occasions, the perfume accompanies you everywhere. Reflecting our personality, it says a lot about us. Whether flowery or woody, amber or aromatic, Nature & Senteurs offers perfumes with unique scents.

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Made in the heart of Provence, our perfumes will allow you to assert yourself, seduce and feel good. Whether to offer or to receive, discover our most beautiful bouquets of perfumes. Let yourself be seduced by our colognes, eau de toilette, fresh waters, eau de parfum.... You will inevitably find your olfactory signature. To suit everyone, we have developed men's perfumes, women's perfumes, teen perfumes and baby perfumes.

Our perfumes made in France:

Our colognes:

Nature & Senteurs has brought its colognes up to date. Our miraculous waters are fresh and very pleasant to wear.

Our eau de toilette:

Precious and delicate, Nature & Senteurs eau de toilette leaves a subtle and light fragrance on your skin.

Our fresh waters:

They bring freshness and vitality throughout the day. Composed of natural essences and toning trace elements, our fresh waters are ideal for summer.

Eaux de parfum:

Thanks to its mini format, you will be able to take it everywhere. It contains more intense eau de parfum for a longer duration on your skin.

Room fragrances:

The room fragrance will delicately perfume your home. It will bring a very special sensory dimension to your room.

Eau de Cologne, fresh water, eau de toilette or eau de parfum?

First of all, it is necessary to know what is the difference between these different types of perfumes. The difference is based on the percentage of essential oils and alcohol. Generally speaking, we can say that the greater the concentration, the more intense the fragrance will be and will last longer.

  • Cologne: It contains 2 to 3% essential oils diluted in about 60% alcohol. His outfit is about 2 hours. It is therefore recommended to perfume several times during the day.
  • Fresh water: it is characterized by a content of 3 to 5% of essential oil concentrates in about 70% alcohol, it is an ideal choice to wear on a daily basis. Its scent lasts about 3 to 4 hours, then it must be put back.
  • Eau de toilette: It contains 5 to 7% essential oils and 80% alcohol. It will last between 4 and 5 hours on your skin.
  • Eau de parfum: It is composed of 5 to 7% essential oils and 90% alcohol. The eau de parfum will easily last 4 to 8 hours on your skin.
  • Perfume extract: It contains 15 to 40% essential oils, and 96% alcohol. Its high concentration means that the perfume will last several tens of hours.

What also differentiates these fragrances is the percentage of olfactory note. Indeed, the top note, the middle note and the base note are going to be different.

Coffret eau de Cologne naturelle/savon olive vert
Coffret eau de Cologne/savon pivoine des merveilles vert
Box cologne / green midi...

Eau de Bébé Ourson il 50ml

Eau de Bébé Ourson elle 50ml
Eau de Cologne lavande de Provence 100ml
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml - The...
Eau de Cologne 100ml - Star...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml - Fig...
Cologne 100ml - Blue Ginger
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...
Eau de Cologne 100ml -...

Organic Colognes - Monoï

Organic Colognes - Rose

Organic Colognes - Nerolie

Organic Colognes - Mandarin
Coffret Cologne Naturelle authentique 100ml
Coffret Cologne Vetiver intense 100ml
Coffret Cologne Pivoine des merveilles 100ml