Beautiful skin goes through daily cleansing and makeup removal of the face. We accompany you in this beauty ritual by offering you solutions to cleanse your skin gently.

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Removing makeup and cleansing your skin is often perceived as a chore. However, these steps are essential to have a beautiful quality of skin. Indeed, the fact of cleaning his skin allows him to breathe and thus unclog clogged pores. Our makeup removers help you effectively cleanse your skin while perfectly eliminating all traces of makeup. Our makeup removers are specially designed to suit all skin types. In this category you will find:

Organic micellar water:

Made in France, this natural micellar water will leave on your skin a feeling of well-being. It will gently remove all traces of makeup on the eyes, mouth and neck. Very practical on a daily basis, this cleansing water does not require any rinsing. Designed from natural elements, organic micellar water is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Concentrated in surfactants, it traps the impurities present on your skin. Its composition enriched with organic donkey milk and glycerin will provide your skin with all the hydration expected. This organic micellar water has decongestant virtues leaving a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Washable makeup remover cotton:

An alternative to cotton pads and makeup remover wipes, washable cottons are reusable. These cottons are a real economical and ecological solution. Made of bamboo fiber, they will gently remove makeup from your skin. They are very supple and particularly gentle on the skin.

Cleansing gloves without water:

Just like makeup remover cotton, it is an economical and ecological solution. Practical and easy to use, the microfiber glove only requires water. You will just have to wet it and pass it on the face to remove makeup in the blink of an eye. No need to pass it several times, two passages are enough to remove makeup in depth. We have developed these gloves for sensitive skin and for combination to oily skin.

Which makeup remover to choose?

It is important to choose a makeup remover that is suitable for your skin. Do you have sensitive skin or are you prone to allergies? Choose micellar water over organic donkey milk. Indeed, its natural formula avoids all kinds of allergic reactions. We advise you to use your makeup remover on reusable cotton pads to reduce the environmental impact. If you are sensitive to ecology, you can also remove makeup with the micro-fiber glove and water. Otherwise we advise you to pay attention to the composition of your makeup remover product.

Makeup remover

Reusable Makeup Remover...
Plic beauty

Reusable Makeup Remover Glove - Sensitive Skin

  • Reusable and washable makeup remover glove
  • Microfiber makeup remover
  • Only asks for water
  • Normal to sensitive skin
  • Dimensions: 13x10cm
    Reusable Makeup Remover...
    Plic beauty

    Reusable Makeup Remover Glove - Oily Skin

    • Reusable and washable makeup remover glove
    • Microfiber
    • Water makeup removal
    • Combination to oily skin
    • Dimensions: 13x10cm

    • -35%