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Take care of your health with peace of mind with Horizane health! With more than 25 years of experience, our state-of-the-art medical devices are developed with the highest demand for quality and reliability, in compliance with all existing standards.

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Also distributed in pharmacies, our products are practical and useful. Horizane santé offers a wide choice of accessories to accompany adults and children. Discover our medical devices:


Body temperature is a key indicator of an individual's state of health. Its follow-up makes it possible to detect a possible health problem (we remind you that the opinion and consultation of a doctor is essential to judge a state of health).

To track your daily temperature, Horizane Health offers a complete range of reliable and accurate thermometers, suitable for your whole family.

Enjoy the best of technology and discover our digital thermometers with probe or infrared technology.

Flexible probe thermometers for babies and adults:

Probe thermometers have come a long way in recent years. Practical, they allow to take the temperature rectally, axillary or buccally.

Our range of Plic Care coloured probe thermometers is for your whole family, with a baby/child model (in little teddy bear design), an adult model and a large tricolor screen model for easier temperature reading. For your comfort, they are all with rigid tips, waterproof, with memory of the last socket and automatic extinction.

Infrared thermometers:

Infrared technology has revolutionized body measurement with increasingly powerful probes and sensors. On the other hand, poorly calibrated, misused, or with poor quality components, an infrared thermometer will give you inaccurate measurements.

To ensure reliable and accurate measurements with confidence, discover our infrared thermometers with the best of current technology:

  • Le Midi D: Starting from the observation that probe thermometers have a rather limited use at home and sometimes restrictive, we wanted to provide an effective solution with the Mini D. In order to track your temperature throughout the day, whether at home, at your office or in a space with people around you, the Mini D is the thermometer for you. Its pocket size will allow you to take it everywhere with you and use it without constraint. Extremely easy to use with a single button, it takes your temperature in one second in contact with your forehead and keeps in memory the last 20 shots.
  • The Triple Sensor: Non-contact infrared thermometers are increasingly present on the market. There are, however, two important issues to consider with infrared technology. This is because non-contact thermometers are calibrated for a certain distance between their sensor and the user's forehead. Outside this calibration distance the measurements taken are not reliable. In addition, the outside temperature can potentially influence the observed measurement. The solution to ensure accurate measurements is provided with the Triple Sensor, which has an infrared sensor, an ambient temperature sensor and a distance sensor. Its distance sensor ensures that only measurements taken between 0 cm and 3 cm from your forehead will be displayed (distance for which the infrared sensor is calibrated). In addition, a funnel probe port design maximizes the amount of infrared rays captured for even more accurate measurement. Equipped with the best of technology, it also has a mode of taking the temperature of liquids (for bath water, bottle ...) and room temperature. It remembers the last 30 shots and displays the measurements with a green, yellow or red tricolor screen depending on your temperature.

Pill boxes:

In order to facilitate the observance of your medical treatment with confidence, we have developed our own range of pill dispensers PLIC CARE, meeting all your needs (tablets, capsules, pills, sachets, ampoules ...), whether for a day or for a full week. Our models are registered and carefully studied to facilitate the taking of your treatment on a daily basis. The opening of the cases of our pill boxes is magnetized for more practicality and magnificent models are offered by our teams. Discover our range and choose the pill box adapted to your needs.

Care hot water bottles:

Relieve your back, leg, lumbar or neck pain with the care hot water bottles. When used hot or cold, our ceramic bead hot water bottles diffuse a calming and comforting heat or coolness.

Adult flexible thermometer...
Adult flexible thermometer...
Flexible Child Thermometer
Flexible Child Thermometer...
Flexible Child Thermometer...
Infrared Thermometer
Cushion hot water bottle
Bouillotte ceinture lombaire
Hot water bottle around the...
Pilulier slim gris
Slim pill box imitation...
Pill slim fabric - Rose
Pilulier slim tissu gris
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Jumbo pill box imitation...
Pilulier jumbo tissu bleu
Jumbo fabric pill box - Marron
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Pill box daily - Vert
Pilulier daily plus brun
Pilulier galaxy brun
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Round pocket pill box -...
Pilulier pocket croco rouge