To make your child's toilet as pleasant as possible, equip yourself with accessories and products perfectly adapted to baby. Whether it is to take care of your look or for your health, it is important to brush the hair of a newborn.

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A baby's hair is very thin and fragile during the first years of life. His scalp must then be brushed with care. In order to accompany you in this moment of shared complicity, we have designed dedicated accessories. Our accessories are designed for the fragile scalp of babies.

Baby hairbrush:

Made from super soft goat hair, the baby hair brush will brush her hair gently without hurting her. Its handle made of 100% natural maple wood is easy to handle. On dry or wet hair, this baby brush will allow you to avoid knots and the proliferation of bacteria. The 100% natural goat bristle brush is ideal for properly placing your hair and removing milk crusts without scratching your skin. Like an adult, a child's scalp should be brushed mornings and evenings.

Which hairbrush for baby?

  • At birth:

Whether baby was born with down or with more abundant hair, it is important to style it. For this, it is advisable to use a very soft brush with real silk bristles regardless of its type of hair.

  • From 3 years old:

When her hair is fuller, replace your infant brush for a child brush. If your child has fine hair, opt for a brush made of wild boar bristles. On the other hand, if they are thick, prefer a brush with mixed bristles. A brush with boar and nylon bristles will be ideal.

The anti-lice comb:

Whether at school or nursery, lice do not hesitate to come for a walk and lay eggs on children's heads. Eliminate lice and nits in a radical and effective way with our anti-lice comb. Featuring stainless steel teeth with double streaks, it will allow you to effectively remove these small beasts. Thanks to its 100 micron spacing streaks, insects and their eggs will be dislodged in a few comb strokes. Steel lice comb can be used on dry or wet hair.

How to clean a lice comb?

After each use, it is recommended to immerse the comb in water at 60°C for 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can put it in a bag closed in the freezer for 8 hours.

Brush and anti-lice comb

Anti-lice and nit comb
Plic care

Anti-lice and nit comb

  • Stainless steel lice comb
  • Eliminates lice and nits
  • Teeth double micro streaks
  • Painless
  • All hair types
    Baby hairbrush
    Plic beauty

    Baby hairbrush

    • Baby hairbrush
    • Natural soft goat hair
    • Handle made of 100% natural maple wood
    • Ergonomic and pleasant to handle
    • To be used daily from birth