Body beauty accessories

For his health, or for the beauty of his body, it is recommended to use accessories to take care of it. Here you will find professional quality manicure and pedicure accessories as well as body accessories.

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Our feet as well as our hands are areas of the body not to be neglected. Indeed, these areas are the most exposed to ailments because they are in direct contact with many products. For this, we have developed accessories to accompany you daily. Here you will find many accessories:

  • To cut your nails: once a month, cut your nails with dedicated accessories. You will have the choice between nail clippers, scissors or pruning shears for thick nails.

  • To file your nails: shorten your nails or recover a snag with the nail file. Glass file, American file or wooden file, you will necessarily find the one you need.

  • To remove your skin or repel your cuticles: discover the skin cutting chisel for the hands or feet. It is perfectly suited to remove small cuticles around your nail. On the other hand, if you want to repel them, opt for a cuticle regrowth. You have hard skin and you can't cut it? We recommend a corn cutter, a skin pruning clip or a ceramic or stainless steel grater.

  • To bring care and color to your nails: sublimate them with our selection of nail polishes. Color varnish, hardener, top coat, base, bitter varnish, they will even suit sensitive nails.

  • To moisturize, soften or purify your skin: with the Konjac sponge, cleanse your skin thoroughly. Enriched with natural active ingredients, our 100% natural sponges will bring all the desired benefits.

How to take care of your feet?

To protect the underlying tissues and help them cope with micro trauma, the skin on your feet thickens. This is due to friction or lack of hydration.

Eliminate foot horns:

If your skin thickens on the soles of the feet and at the heel. A horn is created when wearing socks or heels that are too tight. In order to remove them, soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes. Then sand your foot with a ceramic or stainless steel grater. Once the skin has been filed, apply moisturizer.

Eliminate callils and foot corns:

Painful and manageable, callils and corns are a hardening of the epidermis. In order to remove this excess skin, opt for a corn cut.

Why take care of your nails, hands and feet?

First line in the face of diseases, it is important to take care of your nails to avoid injury. It is therefore recommended to cut them once a month.

Ciseaux ongles lames droites vert
Scissors nails straight...
Ciseaux ongles lames courbes violet
Ciseaux à peaux lames droites rose
Ciseaux à peaux lames courbes bleu
Ciseaux ongles bébé
Lime à ongles cristal de Bohème bleu
Bohemian crystal nail file...
Lime à ongles bébé
Lime à ongles pro
Set de 5 limes bois
Coupe ongles manucure bleu
Nail clipper manicure - Rose
Nail clipper manicure - Navy
Coupe ongles pédicure vert
Nail clipper pedicure - Mallow
Nail clipper pedicure - Navy
Coupe ongles bébé
Pince sécateur manucure
Pedicure pruning shears
Pince sécateur peaux
Râpe métal bleu/vert
Râpe céramique bleu
Ceramic grater - Vert