Everyone dreams of having a hair bursting with beauty, with Nature & Scents products, it is now possible! Hair care and hygiene are fundamental to maintaining healthy hair. For this, we have made you natural products that meet each type of hair.

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Colorful, curly, long, dry... your hair should be pampered with proper care. You will find on this site a large number of products that will allow you to improve your hair routine:

Our organic shampoos:

Nature & Senteurs shampoos are made in France, especially in Provence. Rich in Aloe vera and coconut vegetable oil, our shampoos are certified organic. Little more, they can also serve as a shower gel for the body and soap for the face!. Thanks to its 500ml format and pump, organic shower gel shampoo is practical for the whole family.

Our organic hair care:

Nature & Senteurs has developed 100% natural vegetable oils. They have been selected for their effectiveness, their synergy in duo, to nourish, protect, and beautify your hair. You will find 3 types of hair care oils with different properties:

  • REGULATOR: Jojoba vegetable oil & Sesame.
  • RADIANCE & SWEETNESS: Sweet Almond & Apricot Vegetable Oil.
  • INTENSE NUTRITION: Argan vegetable oil & avocado.

Our hairbrushes:

In addition to hair care products, Nature & Senteurs offers brushes for perfect styling.

How to have beautiful hair?

To have beautiful hair, there is no secret, you have to take care of it. For this, it is important to know how to identify your hair type, and establish a hair routine. Don't panic, we'll help you:

Once a week, place a dab of moisturizing shampoo in your hand. Come and apply it to your scalp by rubbing in circular motions with the pulp of your fingers. Once the shampoo has foamed well, rinse thoroughly. Hairdressing professionals recommend using two shampoos alternately. This prevents your scalp from getting used to the treatment it is receiving.

Now you will focus on your lengths by coming to apply a conditioner adapted to your hair. The conditioner will facilitate untangling while providing extra care to your lengths.

Once a week we advise you to apply after shampooing a nourishing mask.

After rinsing everything, with the help of a brush come and untangle your hair.

From your dry hair, come and apply your vegetable oil of care.

Anti-lice and nit comb
Ultra demelt hairbrush
Baby hairbrush

Shampoing douche amande 500ml

Shampoing douche monoï

Shampoing douche agrume

Organic care oil - jojoba &...

Organic care oil - sweet...

Organic care oil - Argan &...

Coffret huile de beauté bio Régulatrice

Coffret huile de beauté bio Eclat

Coffret huile de beauté bio Nutrition