Eau de toilette

Subtle and light, eau de toilette still awakens our senses. Nature & Senteurs presents its selection of eau de toilette. Precious and delicate, our eau de toilette leaves a light and pleasant fragrance on the skin.

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Specially designed for young women and men, our toilet waters do not make you too adult or too child. Composed of 5 to 7% essential oils and 80% alcohol, they will hold on your skin between 3am and 5am. Adolescence is marked by the will to please and by the gaze of others. Nature & Senteurs eau de toilette will help to gain self-confidence and seduce naturally.

Discover our eau de toilette for teenagers composed of 95% natural ingredients:

Eau de toilette woman:

We have created a fragrance suitable for young women. The aromas that compose it are fresh and allow to invigorate the skin during vaporization. Lightweight, this women's eau de toilette is ideal for the summer. The gourmet-fruity floral olfactory message will seduce more than one. Balsamic mandarin, vanilla patchouli and orange blossom are at the heart of this bouquet.

Men's eau de toilette :

To suit young men as well, we have created an eau de toilette with a citrus-woody olfactory message. Composed of sparkling fruity bergamot, muskwood essence and a lively duo wise jasmine, it will make them happy.

How to perfume?

Eau de toilette is deposited in the hollow of the neck, wrists or behind the ears. It can be used in the morning after showering or in the evening before going to bed. Thanks to its freshness and low concentration of perfume, it is very pleasant for summer days. However, it can very well be used throughout the year.

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