Body hygiene

Good health also requires proper personal hygiene. For this, it is essential to shower daily. In order to accompany you during this very important step, Horizane offers you a wide range of quality products for a guaranteed body cleanliness.

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Made from natural materials, our organic shower soaps have many virtues. They are thus suitable for all skin types.

Why have good personal hygiene?

It is important to have good personal hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases. Cleaning yourself daily will allow you to prevent inflammation and bad odors. It is recommended to wash your body with a soap or shower gel adapted to your skin.

How often should I wash my body?

It is suggested to wash the body once a day for a period of 15 minutes. The water should not be too hot so as not to weaken the hydrolipidic film of the skin. To preserve your epidermis, choose soaps and shower gels surgras.

Our hygiene products to wash the body:

To ensure good body cleanliness, Nature & Senteurs offers shower products made in Provence:

  • Organic superfat shower gels with aromatic scents (olive and rosemary, Argan and Orange, Aloe vera Hibiscus). They gently cleanse your skin. In order to adapt to the most fragile skin, we have developed a fragrance-free Hypoallergenic superfat shower gel.
  • Surgras soaps: alternative to shower gels discover our solid soaps to cleanse your skin gently.
  • 100% natural Marseille soaps composed of 72% vegetable oils.
  • Monthly cups to ensure women's hygiene even during their periods.

Organic shower gel without...

Organic shower gel Olive &...

Argan & Orange organic...

Organic shower gel Aloe...
Marseille soap liquid...
Marseille soap liquid peony...

Organic donkey milk soap...

Donkey milk soap Organic...
Savon de Marseille huile d'olive 150gr
Savon de Marseille 150gr
Savon de Marseille verveine du midi 100gr
Savon de Marseille rose sauvage du Lubéron 100gr
Savon de Marseille olive des Alpilles 100gr
Savon de Marseille lavande de Provence 100gr
Savon de Marseille pivoine des merveilles 100gr
Box 4 soaps of Marseille

Savon bio lait de coco 100gr

Savon bio miel de propolis 100gr

Savon bio beurre de cacao 100gr

Box 4 organic soaps
Coffret eau de Cologne naturelle/savon olive vert
Coffret eau de Cologne/savon pivoine des merveilles vert
Box cologne / green midi...
Ultra demelt hairbrush