Colored lenses

A real weapon of seduction, a beautiful look never leaves indifferent. For a bright, seductive and natural look, discover our colored lenses.

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Thanks to them, you will be able to intensify and sublimate your gaze by bringing a different radiance. Green lens, blue lens, gray lens, brown lens... You will have the choice to change the color of your eyes according to your desires. Our colored lenses without correction are easy to use. Super flexible, they are comfortable and easy to handle. They will dress your eyes respecting the health and comfort of your eyes.

Discover our quarterly color lenses and daily color lenses to dress your eyes in a natural way.

Our quarterly coloured lenses:

Super convenient, our cosmetic lenses can be used daily for 3 months. Quarterly colored lenses can be worn even if you have corrective glasses. This kit includes your pair of colored lenses, contact lens care product and an anti-bacterial case. This will allow you to disinfect and moisturize your colored lenses after each use.

Our daily colored lenses:

They are specially designed to be worn occasionally, at a party or a special event. Thanks to our natural colors, you will be able to wear these lenses throughout a day.

These ready-to-use cosmetic contact lenses must imperatively be discarded after use, they are single-use.

Available in five colors: green, blue, gray, amber and amethyst, our lenses will help you create your own style.

Which lens color to choose?

It is often difficult to choose a shade of lens and know which color will suit us best. To guarantee a natural effect, it is advisable to choose your colored lenses according to your hair and the color of your skin. Here are some tips:

  • Black hair or fair skin: Choose a lens that is gray, blue or a beautiful amber color.
  • Brown/chestnut hair or brown skin: opt for a blue or gray instead.
  • Blonde hair: opt for a green, blue or amethyst shade.
  • Dark skin: Choose a blue or amber color.

Single-use lenses will be perfect for finding the shade that suits you best!

How to put colored lenses?

  • Before any manipulation, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Gently place the colored lens in the palm of your hand. Make sure it is perfectly clean before coming to position it on your iris. If it is not, rinse it with your multifunction contact lens solution.
  • Place the colored lens on your index finger and stand in front of a mirror.
  • Lower the lower eyelid.
  • Raise the upper eyelid using the middle finger of your second hand, then look up.
  • Gently place the lens in your eye.
  • Do the same for the second eye.

How do I remove colored lenses?

Before removing your colored lens, wash your hands. Then look up and then pinch it lightly to remove it. If it's a daily lens, throw it away. Otherwise, store it in its case.

Lentilles cosmétiques trimestrielles vertes
Quarterly coloured lenses -...
Quarterly coloured lenses -...
Quarterly coloured lenses -...
Quarterly coloured lenses -...
Lentilles journalières vertes
Daily colored lenses - Bleu
Daily colored lenses - Gris
Daily colored lenses - Mauve
Daily colored lenses - Ambre