A real fashion accessory, nail polish is an essential to have a perfect manicure. Having well-groomed hands and nails is a sign of health and elegance. To be beautiful to the end of the nails COPINESline brings together the prettiest colors.

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Discover our wide selection of color varnishes and treatments for impeccable nails! Aesthetic and therapeutic, our varnishes are suitable for all types of nails. Having beautiful nails has never been easier!

Our color varnishes:

Taupe, khaki, red, chocolate... we offer a wide selection of trendy nail polishes and always at low prices. You will inevitably find the color that will match perfectly with your wardrobe. The texture of the varnishes is creamy and rich in silicon. Thanks to their formula, these varnishes will strengthen and protect your nails while bringing them color. These nail polishes contain a new generation polymer resin thus allowing a long hold.

Our varnishes care, bases and finishes:

Here you will find a selection of care varnishes to use as a base and finish for healthy nails throughout the year.

The hardening varnish:

To recap your nails and prevent them from breaking, COPINESlines has developed a hardener. This hardening varnish enriched with vitamin E and 100% natural bamboo extract will nourish and strengthen your soft and fragile nails.

Bitter varnish:

Say stop to bitten nails with bitter varnish! Totally invisible, this bitter-tasting nail polish will prevent you from biting your nails.

The finishing varnish:

In order to bring maximum shine to your nails, opt for a top coat. After applying a colored varnish, come and lay a layer of top coat. This glossy finishing varnish will make your nails smooth and curved to perfection.

The basic varnish:

This preparation varnish will provide a base to your nail before receiving color. It will also strengthen brittle nails by providing them with nutrition. Made from organic bamboo extract, this varnish will allow a better adhesion of the color varnish.

How to take care of your nails?

It is not always easy to have a beautiful manicure. For this, it is necessary to have certain techniques and use adapted products. To have a manicure at the top, we reveal some tips and tricks!

  • File your nails to create a nice shape for them. This will also prevent your nails from splitting.
  • Immerse your nails in warm water so that your cuticles soften. Take a professional cuticle shoot and come and repel these skins.
  • Apply a hardening varnish and a base varnish to protect and strengthen your nails.
  • Pass two coats of your colored varnish.
  • For the finish, apply a layer of top coat varnish to give always more shine.

Nail polish
Nail polish - Mole 2
Nail polish - Marshmallow
Nail polish - Romance
Nail polish - Red 2
Nail polish - Bordeaux
Nail polish - Chocolate
Nail polish - Kaki
Nail polish - Imperial
Nail polish - Duck
Nail polish - Transparent
Nail polish - Black 3
Nail polish - Orange 2
Nail polish - Fuchsia
Hardening nail polish
Glossy top coar nail polish
Bitter nail polish
Nail polish based on bamboo...