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    Tooth whitening kit

    • Tooth whitening kit without abrasive substances
    • Natural double action: whitening and dental protection
    • Vegan compatible
    • Clinically proven
    • Complies with current European standards
    • Compatible with Apple (except iPhone 11 and 12) and Android

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    Eclawhite teeth whitening kit: ideal for whitening and protecting teeth

    eclawhite is an innovative and unique teeth whitening kit. Do you want to have whiter teeth? with Elawhite it is now possible! With the combination of its tooth whitening gel and its 16 LED tray it offers you a double natural action:

    • On the bacterial flora of the mouth: by natural prebiotics (inulin) that stimulate the development of bacteria that are useful for the oral cavity and prevent the growth of bacteria that are pathogenic and that form dental plaque.
    • On tooth enamel: by the deposition of a highly protective layer of calcium, (hydroxyapatite which makes up 95% of tooth enamel). Hydroxyapatite will be transformed into a protective layer thanks to the energy delivered by the gutter ECLAWHITE. Once formed, the crystal layer reflects light which gives the dentition a harmonious whiteness after the use ofECLAWHITE.

    This professional teeth whitening kit includes:

    • A tray of 16 integrated LEDs (Effective light intensity and optimal diffusion on ALL teeth).
    • A tooth whitening gel that does not contain enamel abrasive substances. There is therefore no danger to the vitality of your teeth even in the long term.

    • A connection cable to link your gutter to your smartphone. It is equipped with a switch timer for the safety of the processing time.

    • 3 adapters for smartphones.

    • An explanatory note.

    This tooth whitening kit to have whiter teeth is available online and in pharmacies.

    Directions for use

    1. Apply the teeth whitening gel to your teeth using the applicator brush. Put 2 drops at the top and 2 drops at the bottom.
    2. Connect the gutter to your smartphone and then turn it on.
    3. Place the tray in your mouth and schedule a 15-minute session.
    4. At the end of the session, unplug the gutter.
    5. Brush your teeth with your classic toothpaste.
    6. Wash the gutter with clear water.

    Composition & Specifications

    The box ECLAWHITE tooth whitening kit contains:

    • A tooth whitening gel contained in a brush pen (for 21 sessions). The manufacture of the gel complies with the European standards of Manufacture of cosmetic products and the production laboratory is certified GMP ISO 22716: 2007. The gel complies with EC/1223/2009. This gel keeps for 6 months after opening. This tooth whitening gel is formulated from 100% natural substances (VEGAN compatible). It is composed of inulin (a plant prebiotic that stimulates saprophytic bacteria) and more than 90% hydroxyapatite (calcium salt that makes up 97% of enamel).
    • A CE certified medical quality dental tray with 16 LEDs. Complies with CE ISO 22716:2013 standards and RoHS-CE Certified (SGS). Designed in medical grade silicone, this gutter will not turn yellow and will remain flexible over time.
    • A cable to connect the gutter to the smartphone (no batteries, more environmentally friendly) with a built-in timer-switch (safety of the treatment time).
    • Three smartphone adapters (ANDROID and APPLE).
    • A leaflet.


    • Store at room temperature or between 10°C and 25°C.
    • Keep away from children.
    • To be used for cosmetic bleaching only.
    • Do not put in contact with eyes or mucous membranes, do not swallow.
    • In case of a painful reaction, rinse your mouth generously and stop the session.
    • Do not use in case of dental or oral disease.
    • In case of prosthesis, crown or other implant, the effectiveness will be less.
    • Do not wash the gutter with hot water, this may damage it.
    • Do not grit your teeth on the tray, it may damage it irreparably.

    Questions / Answers

    How many times can I use the pharmacy white tooth product?

    As many times as you want to get the expected whiteness. ECLAWHITE-gel contains enough substances for 21 applications. Refill gel tubes are available. The gel can only be used with the gutter ECLAWHITE. It is advisable to wait 2 months between two months of treatment.

    When is the best time for treatment for white teeth?

    The best time is in the evening after dinner or before bed.

    can ECLAWHITE be used on prostheses, crowns or implants?

    This tooth whitening can be used in these different cases. However, it will only be active on natural teeth.

    What efficiency can we expect from ECLAWHITE ?

    It depends on the initial state of the dentition, coloring, stains, etc ... Studies show an average of 9/20 to 2/20 shades of lighter color on more than 99.3% of testers after 14 sessions.

    How many times a year can I use ECLAWHITE ?

    ECLAWHITE can be used as much as necessary according to the desired result.

    How long does the ECLAWHITE effect last?

    It depends mainly on eating habits, oral hygiene, smoking or drinking wine and coffee but the white teeth effect can last from 6 months to 2 years.

    Is the effectiveness ofECLAWHITE the same on all teeth?

    The tray is made to be effective on the front of all teeth where the gel has been placed.

    On stains due to certain drugs (tetracyclines or others) the gel will not be effective. As on the inner side of the teeth, ECLAWHITE has no abrasive action.

    ECLAWHITE better than dentists' treatments?

    ECLAWHITE is a different product and can be used in addition to dentists' treatments. For those whose teeth are too sensitive to medical treatments, ECLAWHITE can be a great alternative.

    In which cases is ECLAWHITE not recommended?

    In case of oral or gingival pathology or in case of allergy to any of the ingredients, it is not recommended to use the gel ECLAWHITE. Similarly, it is advisable to wait 2 weeks after any dental treatment or not to perform a session two weeks before a dental procedure. If in doubt, consult your dentist.

    Or get ECLAWHITE-gel when my tube is empty?

    The Gel Brush Pen is used for 21 applications. Then, request a refill from your Pharmacist or online.

    Complete teeth whitening kit for 21 sessions

    Complete teeth whitening kit for 21 sessions

    Tooth whitening with immediate effect

    Tooth whitening with immediate effect

    Without abrasive substances, it preserves the vitality of the teeth

    Without abrasive substances, it preserves the vitality of the teeth

    Simple and effective

    Simple and effective

    Innovative and unique technology

    Innovative and unique technology

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