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    Infrared Thermometer

    • Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer
    • Three sensors: infrared, distance and ambient temperature
    • Unique algorithm that corrects the measurement according to the ambient temperature
    • Color screen according to temperature
    • Measures the temperature of the body, liquids and objects
    • Memory of the last 30 takes

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    The triple sensor non-contact infrared thermometer: measures the temperature of the body and a surface

    This non-contact infrared thermometer is easy to use. It has several modes to take the temperature of a human, an object, a liquid, or even a room. As you will have understood, this thermometer has a double use. It will allow you to detect the temperature of the body and surfaces.

    This thermometer is equipped with 3 sensors to ensure reliable measurement:

    • An ultra-precise infrared temperature sensor. This one is optimized thanks to the design of its funnel probe port. It is specially developed to capture more infrared rays and therefore a more reliable and accurate measurement.
    • A distance sensor. It checks that frontal measurements are taken and displayed only when the thermometer is placed between 0 and 3 cm from the forehead. Unlike other infrared thermometers that display all measurements, Triple Sensor will only show you correct measurements. Press the measurement button, gently move the device closer to your forehead, and it will automatically take your temperature when you are at the right distance.
    • A sensor combined with an algorithm corrects the effect of room temperature.

    Fast and convenient, this infrared thermometer will take your temperature as well as that of your family in just 1 second.

    Temperature at frontal and non-temporal grip, no discomfort with the hair that clutters the temples.

    To facilitate its use, this thermometer is equipped with a fever alarm and a color diagnosis:

    • 2 types of light beep (1 long for temperature taking & 10 short in case of fever)
    • 3 screen display colors depending on the detected temperature. (Green: normal, Yellow: Fever, Red: High fever).

    Automatic OFF:

    This thermometer turns off instinctively after 30 seconds without use.


    Storage of the last 30 temperature measurements.

    This new generation Thermometer comes with a protective cover and batteries!

    Directions for use

    Follow the instructions for use carefully.


    This non-contact infrared thermometer came with:

    • 2 x 1.5VAA batteries
    • A storage and protection cover
    • Instructions for use

    Ultra-precise with distance control

    Ultra-precise with distance control

    Ideal for the whole family (even in the middle of a child's sleep)

    Ideal for the whole family (even in the middle of a child's sleep)

    Easy to use, fast (1 second)

    Easy to use, fast (1 second)

    Memory of the last 30 takes

    Memory of the last 30 takes

    Automatic shutdown 30 seconds

    Automatic shutdown 30 seconds

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