Presentation Products for lenses

Horizane has acquired real competence over the past 25 years on the technical aspects of eye products and devices. Contact lenses are one of them: they are medical devices. But lenses require special maintenance. Composed of more than 70% water, they cannot remain out of an aqueous medium for more than a few minutes. On our eyes, they are constantly hydrated by tears, but away from our eyes, they must bathe in a liquid that moisturizes and maintains them. When we wear them, they are in constant contact with dust and organisms in the air. They must be cleaned every day, in the evening before bedtime when we remove the lenses.

Lens care product

To maintain them, we have created a super moisturizing lens product. This lens care product has many advantages. It removes germs and bacteria that have clung to the surface, it removes proteins and moisturizes the lens.

Composed of hyaluronic acid, it creates a real watery mattress around the contact lens. Our contact lens product is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. Thanks to this product, contact lenses seem softer and more pleasant to wear. Already well known by many users, this lens maintenance is called vitalens. Vitalens is made for monthly or quarterly contact lenses, flexible, most often silicone-hydrogel.

Moisturizing eye drops

You have certainly already felt a tingling sensation of the eyes, the feeling of having dry eyes or reddened by external aggression. This is normal because air conditioning, pollen, pollution and too much light intensity can strain our eyes. To treat this frequent and disabling problem, we have created Hydrolarm : a very moisturizing and soothing solution for all types of eyes.

Take it with you where and when you need it, Hydrolarm is very easy to use. A simple press on the bottom of the bottle leaning over your eyes and a drop falls; Just one. For a second drop, it will take another pressure. With Hydrolarm and its patented bottle, it is you who easily choose the number of drops to put in your eyes, not the bottle.

And if you wear contact lenses, there is no need to remove them, Hydrolarm is just as suitable. Containing 15 ml of solution, the bottle ofHydrolarm is generous, do not hesitate to use it daily, you will always have enough.

Colored lenses

For those who like to seduce or surprise, Magic Eyes, our range of color lenses will suit perfectly. If you want to use them repeatedly, the quarterly Magic Eyes kit will make you happy. In addition to lenses made of HD pigments for enhanced color, you'll find a multifunctional care liquid and a lens case to drop off when not in use. For punctual use, a day or an evening, the uno Magic Eyes format is perfectly suited. You will have the choice between five colors of lenses, all flexible with a very detailed instructions for use. Medical devices, they bear the CE symbol, guaranteeing their sterility and compliance with European rules, very strict for products in contact with the cornea.