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From the quarantine, we all have a little trouble reading. The book, the screen, the phone or the magazine is a little too close or too far from our eyes for the text to be sharp and clear: we become presbyopic. Oh, it's not a disease, nothing serious, our eyes are a little tired. To make everything become clear and sharp again, a reading bezel will suffice in the vast majority of cases. Often called glasses-magnifying glasses, they are frames of glasses equipped with two lenses with the same magnifying power, the same diopter.

For more than 25 years, Horizane – a pioneer in ready-to-wear glasses in France – has been developing collections of magnifying glasses, sunglasses, anti-blue light glasses and multi-distance glasses. They are all made and controlled to correspond to the European standards in force. Meeting standards is not enough for us. Our models are shaped to ensure an optimal fit on your face and illuminate it as much as possible. Our lenses come from manufacturers we have known for a long time. They are regularly checked to provide real reading comfort. The range of reading glasses " Horizane " is one of the most beautiful, the most resistant and the most complete offered in France, even in Europe. All our frames have metal hinges, some are designed in anodized metal for a long time, it is unique in reading glasses.

If you do not want to wear "magnifying glasses" and escape the "old man's gaze", Horizane offers multi distance glasses. Of French design, the multi-distance lenses allow a very good vision – to read – from close and mid-distance up to 4 meters to clearly see your surroundings. Our multi-distance glasses are therefore worn on the top of the nose like all glasses. They are anti-scratch and are offered at a price that will amaze you.

Screens diffuse a different light from other light sources. The proportion of blue light is much higher. Close to Ultraviolet, blue light carries on our eyes a significant energy. Headache, fatigue, earlier clouding of the lens or macular degeneration (AMD) are the possible consequences of excess exposure to screens For all of you who are often in front of a computer or your phone, we offer very high quality anti-blue light glasses. They filter 25 to 28% of excess blue light, without changing the color spectrum. Today, it is not possible to filter more without altering the colors. An advertised filtration greater than 29% cannot come from an optical professional. Our collection of anti-blue light glasses has thought of children, teens and adults whether they need magnification to read or not. Even children – and especially them – need to protect their retina.

The benefits of the sun are innumerable, we have a vital need for it but our eyes are enough for a very limited dose. Beyond that, they suffer. To protect them, Horizane selects each year a collection of Men's Glasses, Women's Glasses, Mixed Glasses and Children's Glasses. We even have a collection of baby glasses. But in all circumstances, especially when we shine in summer, let's stay connected! We participate in your "summer look" with our collection of wooden sunglasses and sports sunglasses.

Many glasses are equipped with polarized lenses to prevent glare.

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