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For more than 25 years Horizane, pioneer of ready-to-wear glasses in France. In order to protect your eyes and help you see better, we have made glasses for women, men and children. Magnifying glasses, sunglasses, anti-blue light glasses and multi-distance glasses... Discover without further delay our collection.

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Kit d'entretien
Cleansing spray
Pochettes nettoyantes - boîte de 24
Anti blue light glasses
Lunettes solaires MONICA ***
Men sunglasses
Mixed sunglasses
Mixed sunglasses
Women's sunglasses
Lunettes solaires SPORT****
Kids Sunglasses 8-12 years
Lunettes solaires TURTLE ***
Anti blue light glasses 4-8...
Anti blue light glasses 4-8...
Anti blue light glasses...
Anti blue light glasses...
solar reading glasses
Lunettes Solaires SCOOTY
Poppy sunglasses - Rose
PRINCE sunglasses - Gris
Lunettes Solaires SILVER K
Lunettes Solaires GREEN K
Sunglasses 1-2 years -...