A real weapon of seduction, the smile says a lot about you and your health. To avoid diseases, be more presentable, and have self-confidence, it is important to take care of your teeth.

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To have beautiful teeth, it is essential to brush them well, and to pay attention to your diet. In order to have white teeth without damaging its enamel, discover eclawhite.

Our solution to whiten teeth:

Having white teeth is not given to everyone. With the teeth whitening kit it is now possible. Do you have dull teeth or are starting to turn yellow? Test the kit, you will be delighted!

eclawhite is composed of two natural substances for two different actions:

  • A natural prebiotic called inulin
  • A natural and specific calcium crystal which is hydroxyapatite

Inulin stimulates the development of useful bacteria in the oral cavity. It contributes to the physiological balance of the oral flora. Hydroxyapatite turns into a protective reflective layer. You should know that this substance enters for 97% in the composition of tooth enamel.

The eclawhite whitening kit contains:

  • A tube of gel.
  • An LED gutter to plug into your smartphone. Made of pharmaceutical grade silicone, this gutter is composed of 16 LED lights.
  • Adapters to connect the teeth whitening tray to your phone (Apple, Android).
  • An explanatory note.

Our product for whitening teeth is natural and does not contain any abrasive substances. Without any danger to the vitality of the teeth, eclawhite protects the teeth. The effectiveness of this tooth whitening is proven by clinical studies. These studies have been carried out in Europe and around the world by independent dentists and dental surgeons. The latter were convinced of the effectiveness of this product at 99.3%.

The duration of treatment to whiten teeth is 2 weeks. If you are satisfied with the result before the 2 weeks, you can stop it along the way. On the other hand, if the result does not suit you yet, you can continue for another week. If you want to continue the treatment 6 or 12 months later, it is quite possible. For this, you will find on our site the refill gel. Be careful, the latter must always be used with the LED gutter.

How to choose a tooth whitening?

Teeth are fragile organs, you have to take care of them and pay attention to the products you use on them. So be careful when you choose your teeth whitening kit. On the market there are a large number of products to whiten teeth. However, a large part of them is toxic or significantly damages the teeth. We recommend that you analyze the composition of the product to see if it is effective, and if it does not degrade your teeth.

True to our principles, Horizane has developed a whitening product that protects the teeth at the same time. Its effectiveness is scientifically proven which is unique for this type of product.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening gel

Tooth whitening gel

  • Teeth whitening gel that whitens and protects
  • 100% natural and non-abrasive substances: inulin and hydroxyapatite
  • Contains more than 90% hydroxyapatite, an essential component of tooth enamel (95%)
  • Vegan compatible
  • Approved by clinical study and in accordance with current European standards
    Tooth whitening kit

    Tooth whitening kit

    • Tooth whitening kit without abrasive substances
    • Natural double action: whitening and dental protection
    • Vegan compatible
    • Clinically proven
    • Complies with current European standards
    • Compatible with Apple (except iPhone 11 and 12) and Android

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