Organic micellar water

Essential to our beauty routine, micellar water will delicately eliminate all traces of makeup on the eyes, mouth or skin. Very practical on a daily basis, this cleansing water does not require any rinsing. Discover our organic Micellar Water for a perfectly cleansed face.

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Nature & Senteurs has developed a natural micellar water. This effective facial cleanser will tone your skin leaving a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Concentrated in surfactants, milk micellar water captures and traps impurities on your skin. Thanks to its formula enriched with organic donkey milk and glycerin, your skin will return all its hydration. To bring more comfort when removal makeup, we have added organic blueberry floral water. This water has decongestant virtues leaving a pleasant sensation. Made from natural elements, this makeup remover is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It respects the PH of the skin and cleanses it effectively.

Nature & Senteurs organic makeup remover water eliminates all traces of makeup, even waterproof.

How to use organic micellar water?

Organic micellar lotion is a treatment in its own right that should be applied morning and evening. In the morning, to cleanse your skin of all the impurities accumulated during your sleep. In the evening, to remove your makeup and remove small particles accumulated throughout the day. Come and soak your reusable cotton with organic makeup remover water. Pass it over the entire face, neck, eyes, lips in circular motions. No need to rub, a repeated passage will be enough. We advise you to keep natural micellar water in the refrigerator or in a place away from heat and moisture.

Which makeup remover to choose?

Do you have sensitive skin or are you prone to allergies of all kinds? certified organic micellar water is preferred. Indeed, the natural formula of this water reduces all kinds of allergic reactions. Organic micellar water is now suitable for all skin types. New formulations combine the cleansing power of micelles with the moisturizing power of glycerin. Micellar water is therefore one of the best makeup removers there is. It is perfect for cleaning dry skin while protecting it. Organic micellar lotion respects the hydrolipidic film of your skin and avoids the appearance of shine.

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